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  1. Hohchicano96

    Out of the three recordings of the BAISER song “Damage”, this live rendition, based on the “eclipse mix”, does its job expressing the agony in its lyrical content. P.S. Yukari should consider releasing a box set of unreleased/remastered content, especially the EDM piece featured in the VHS for “en fleur”
  2. Hohchicano96

    If you're in any vehicle as a passenger, just let yourself go while listening to this song; the lyrical content could be a roadblock though.
  3. Hohchicano96

    How many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man?!
  4. Hohchicano96

    Some people seem to have not been told any phrases related to the word "no" in their life ever, as of late at my job. I'm just a cashier, weirdo; I don't have any involvement in inventory!
  5. Hohchicano96

    Can't wait to get lost in this book while blasting Wax Trax! releases.
  6. Hohchicano96

    When you're in need of hearing the strings of a mandolin in an aggressive song:
  7. Hohchicano96

    ASMR. It's as simple as that!
  8. Hohchicano96

    A list of observations: A confirmed case has been announced by the local hospital in my town. The county's health department intends to investigate the subject's life to monitor those who have come in contact with her. I recently started my job, as a cashier, at a supermarket last Wednesday. Two days later, there were lines backed up due to panic buying. As of now, service areas such as deli salads and meat counters have been suspended for the time being; however, food will still be prepared and prepackaged for customers to buy. There is barely any toilet paper on the shelves as well as cleaning products and dairy items. Everything else in the grocery section save for produce and international foods are limited in stock at this time. I attended a visitation of a close friend's maternal grandmother's funeral hours ago. I believe that the fear around the virus has affected attendance. I wonder if it'll be the same for the funeral and burial tomorrow.
  9. Hohchicano96

    スイート…… リック…… ウノウトサノウガ イウコトキカナイ ミエナイナニカニシバラレタ ミギメトヒダリメガランデブー カゼガフキヌケテノドガユレル ナカユビトクスリユビガ コイヲダイニカンセツヲクネラセタ ソシテ ウマレテハイケナイ モウイッポンノコユビガウマレタ アチラトコチラガ カタチヲカエル ヒフハタダレテ ムキダシニナル ミルモノスベテガ グロテスク アワレサハジケテ キョダツスル マクロトミクロノ ゲンカクエイゾウ チュウスウシンケイ サカナデル トテモチョクシデキナイ ウシンシツニハイビツナ モンスター アァシタイガイノパーツガ ベツノジンカクニ アァダエキノヒヤアセガ アフレアフレデル アァゴカンノウチノ ヨンカンガハタラカナイ アァカミキラレナイヨウニ シタヲマケ スイート…… リック…… ネオサイバーライド ネオサイバーライド ネオサイバーサイド ネオサイバーサイド ネオサイバーライド ネオサイバーライド ネオサイバーサイド ネオサイバーサイド…………… アァシタイガイノパーツガ ベツノジンカクニ アァダエキノヒヤアセガ アフレアフレデル アァゴカンノウチノ ヨンカンガハタラカナイ アァカミキラレナイヨウニ シタヲマケ スイート…… リック……
  10. It’s safe to say bright days are ahead:




    1. seys


      i forgot about the fucking turkey LMAO

    2. nekkichi
  11. Happy birthday, friendo! Have an awesome day~ 🎂

  12. Hohchicano96

    Noticed that disc 1 of the retrospective album “VESTIGE OF SCRATCHES” has been uploaded on US Spotify. Don’t know if it’s been made available in other regions before. I wonder if it’s a sign of things to come for the US tour; how likely would their early day material be performed is unknown though
  13. Hohchicano96

    Finally a non-pixelated version of this music video has been uploaded.
  14. Hohchicano96

    Thank you for mentioning this! The scene you're thinking of is footage that presents itself as the inspiration behind a photoshoot that the four remaining contestants participate in. Beside the Gazette, there are also cosplayers portraying members of Inugami Circus-dan, MUCC, and Psycho le Cému. https://imgur.com/a/Ukhv8My
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