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  1. Akrus

    Sounds amazing!
  2. Akrus

    Sounds good 👀
  3. I hate the outfit but I love the song.
  4. Their first single will be released on July 23 on digital platforms. https://linkco.re/sb5BtZeT?lang=en
  5. July is coming, IOLITE -アイオライト- 1st thing is coming too!

    1. evenor


      I'm so excited too!

  6. Akrus

    *video files with the Gothculture look*
  7. I liked it. Also, they've moved on to the next level of production, look, now there's a bed.
  8. Akrus

    WOW these titles! But this new image would be better related to his elusive song "Albinism"
  9. The next La'veil MizeriA release can be featuring Bad Gyal. 

  10. Ugly figure reminds me to 螺旋錠. The songs are pretty promising so far. "We want your support. Please pay attention" You will have dude ;D
  11. Akrus

  12. I was following the messages in the chat box and @Tokage wrote a candy that left me thinking about the % of male users and female users here in the forum 🤔

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 少女椿


      Wowowowow is it mean the second birth of the legendary tits or gtfo 

      (yes pls)

    3. patientZERO


      I've had people on this forum guess my gender and even my race ... based on forum comments alone. It's ridiculous.

    4. platy


      I’d say it’s an even split.

  13. 赤い日記帳 by UNDER FALL JUSTICE is amazing.

    Bless you K.

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