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  1. AwesomeNyappy

    1) AnCafe 2) Dir en Grey 3) Girugämesh 4) Merry 5) Versailles 6) abington Boys School 7 ) Miyavi 8 ) -Oz- 9) Rentrer en soi 10 ) Luna Sea
  2. AwesomeNyappy

    That sounds amazing! I go into mosh pits occasionally, so I hope there will be one at their concert
  3. AwesomeNyappy

    Thinking about going to see them live in Cologne. Does anyone here have any experience with how they are live? I rally like their sound and there are not many VK concerts around anymore.
  4. Hi nyappy I'm planning on visiting Japan again in the fall, and I was wondering if you guys had any tips for good accomodations in Tokyo. I used to rent airbnb, but since it was banned in Japan, I now need to dive into the Tokyo hostel scene A good friend of mine lives in Tokyo, but is currently looking for a small flat (now living in a share house), and is not sure if said flat could accomodate two people, so I will probably have to stay at a hostel with a friend of mine. Price range: 20-30 euros per night per person (40-60 euros for a small double room) Must have: clean, shared bathroom that you can lock (privacy), all female dormitory, located somewhere in one of the main districts, walking distance to 7/11 and a metro station, storage for big suitcase that you can lock. Would be nice to have: small room for ourselves to sleep in OR shared room with up to 6 people, good connection to narita airport, nice staff. I saw a dorm with 25 people and one bathroom....people are probably going to line up in the morning. We only spend a couple of days in Japan, and the friend I'm travelling with has never been, so efficiency in the mroning would be great. We also need to store big suitcases because we want to spend two weeks in Seoul and Busan before travelling to Tokyo. I know our budget is not that high, but I'm sure we can find something that does meet our criteria we don't really mind noise or people stumbling into our room at night, but we really want to have a private shower and cleanliness. I'm looking forward to your recommendations
  5. AwesomeNyappy

    Which is insane because Japan was an ally during WWII. They should feel ashamed using that imagery. Imagine a German band using the Japanese imperial flag. Of course I don’t assume that most Japanese bands know what this means to other people, they just want to provoke or use it as “fashion”. But I would strongly urge people to not tolerate such imagery, just because people don’t know better. They need to know. If they admire German culture, they should know that German people would despise them for this.
  6. AwesomeNyappy

    I....didn't even know about that, wtf. Yeah, I draw the line as nazi imagery. I don't know what is a bout vk bands and just using nazi symbols like they are some kind of joke. It's what I mean when I said they just want to provoke. They just seemed like boys who just used shokcing material for sake of being shocking, and that I just find meh.
  7. AwesomeNyappy

    Anti Feminism were such a not-so-okay band. Everything about them screamed provocation for the sake of provocation. Or they really just admired Hitler, who knows.
  8. AwesomeNyappy

    1. Withering to death 2. Vulgar 3. Gauze 4. Uroboros 5. Macabre 6. Dum spiro spero 7. Arche 8. Kisou 9. The marrow of a bone Vulgar and withering to death keep changing places, I can just never decide which one I find best. Kisou has some amazing songs on it, but in general the sound is just....too much? If I liste to the whole album, I usually get a headache. Embryo, Mushi or undecided are great songs (and Zomboid is super fun), but in general I would put it last with the marrow of a bone (which had the same problem, basically.) Arche and dum siro spero are very well put together albums imo, I can just listen to them while relaxing on the train, the beginning and endings of songs are seamless. However, some of their older albums such as WTD had more highlights for me.
  9. AwesomeNyappy

    I feel you! Oh, I once went to a BTS live film in cinemas, and let me just say that my friend and I were like the grandmas there 🤣 I felt super triggered when all of the youngsters there cheered only for V and Jungkook because Yoongi and Jin are my age and they also deserves some love, okay??! Anyways....😂 Yeah, it has really changed. I also feel that fashion is not so much inspired by musical styles anymore, but more by what people but out on instagram etc. I feel bad for all of the punk and gothic stores closing down....I miss shopping there. It's great that people like you re not letting the early 2000s spirit die
  10. AwesomeNyappy

    Huh, this sounds very interesting. I can imagine that being the case. And yes, I also thought most fans were into decora 😂 Oh boy, was I wrong.... I still remember people buying sex pot revenge in online shops 🤣 Seems like such a long time ago. The style of sub cultures in general is in such a decline....15 years ago there were a lot of punks and goths around, nowadays people still enjoy the music, but the stores are all closing up because people don't tend to dress to such an extreme. Ahhh, the good old 90s/early 2000s...I feel like such a grandma now.
  11. AwesomeNyappy

    Actually, I was wondering the same thing only a few days ago! I was watching an An cafe live from around 2016, and suddenly I was noticing how normal everyone was dressed. I didn't see people dressing in oshare kei or anything. I however remember that at older lives from around 2006, people were still more dressed up. Also, while the vk scene here in Germany is maybe now a bit more toned down (some fans are now older), the styles of people going to vk concerts here is still pretty wild and "2007" Then I was wondering why bangya in Japan don't like to dress like their favourite bands so much. I mean obviously most of them like the style, so why do most people not dress up for concerts anymore? The vk scene in Japan is also an underground scene, so it can't be connected to that. Does anyone have any suspicions?
  12. AwesomeNyappy

    I came here to talk about my problem with procrastination, and found this video! For me, the problem is that since last year the panic monster just stays quiet, and I am honestly worrying about my future. Because it is not that I don’t care about my studies, I am actually quite motivated. I am just tired of pulling all nighters. I procrastinate on many things in life. please wish me kuck or my last two papers that are due soon!
  13. AwesomeNyappy

    I agree with you. However, I think the argument remains the same: music is not the main motivator. Which is fine by me. It’s just that most KPOP fans first fall in love with the visuals, the member’s personality etc. For me it was completely different with visual kei. Back in early 2007, I got a vk mix tape from a friend of mine and fell in love with the music. I was already a metal fan, so bands such as Dir en grey fit my bill. I didn’t even like the vk style, tbh. Kpop and J-Rock culture is similar, that we agree on. Context matters, I also agree with you. It’s just that I often role my eyes at KPOP fans saying KPOP music is so much better or they are 100 % in it for the music. Which is obviously not true, but that is okay.
  14. AwesomeNyappy

    I agree. I've wondered why so many people who used to be into J-Rock are now into K-Pop and after some thinking, this was my answer. Ultimately, the marketing and demographic are similar. VK fangirls having a favourite member or buying checkies, supporting new bands by buying their records and a lot of merch...it's the same as K-pop. Liking a band, for most people in both scenes, is not only about the music, but also about the visuals and the personality of the band members, which is a great marketing stragedy. Like, if I only like the music, I might buy their album (or maybe not, I might download it illegally), but if I feel close to the band members I might just buy all of their stuff to support them, might try and advertise them to others by streaming their videos or posting on social media. While visual kei is more underground and secluded, it still works in similar ways. I'm also thinking about all the special editions you can buy (although this could be a thing of the Asian market in general.) I know a lot of people who used to like visual kei and are now into K-pop. I see a young generation in the manga and anime scene who is predominantely into kpop and not into Japanese Rock and Metal (how it used to be around 10 years back.) This honestly makes me wonder how many people are actually in it for the music, tbh. I also have the feeling that a lot of people in the manga and anime scene are listening to kpop because it's "special" and "different" although the music is just, well, pop. You could as well listen to a western band. So that leads me to the conclusion that they listen to kpop because of the visuals and bandmembers. Which is absolutely okay. I just cannot stand people who'll tell you that BTS's lyrics are super profound (some lyricss are great, others are cringe) or that they are musical geniuses. I have nothing against their music, I like many of their songs. It's just that some kpop fans put them on a pedastal, saying that the music is soooo much different from western pop and that everything is sooo deep. When in reality kpop companies also hire western song writers... Now for me personally I enjoy some kpop bands and songs. At first, I hated them when my friends first started listening to them back in 2008. They also used to listen to Japanese rock and then were sucked into kpop. However a few years later I started listening to some kpop occasionally (mostly big bang), but I still didn't much care for it. I had a few songs on my ipod and that's it. Nowadays, I like 2NE1's concept, and I enjoy listening to BTS and Big bang (and that one mamamoo song haha.). It takes some getting used to for me since I'm more into rock and metal, but since I also like rap music, so bts fits the bill. Mostly, I get easily sucked into kpop because I LOVE variety shows. In my teenage years I started listening to the J-pop band kat-tun simply because I liked their show. I also enjoy watching bts videos or run bts. I enjoy their on screen personalities and I have fun being in a fandom that has the best inside jokes known to man. Do I listen to all of their songs or swoon over their music video? Not at all. I don't even like most of their videos because I'm not a fan of the visuals. But I love their dancing and I enjoy their entertainment formats.
  15. The song itself is very cute, however Kanon is just not a vocalist. He's great for back vocals, and there are singers that are way worse of course, but I don't think he is good enough to go solo. This might sound a bit mean, but I couldn't help imagining Miku singing this song, and that it would be way better this way. Or any other singer. Apart from the singing, this is exactly my style, I really like it!
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