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  1. First live confirmed https://youtu.be/SsbU9dhrR_I Whole schedule added
  2. 5510Kan823

    Apparently the victim saw it now
  3. I remember they said the DVD would be 3 hours long while the actual live was over 5 hours long
  4. 5510Kan823

    He just had his 1 year anniversary But he wanna move on to other band(s) 😞
  5. He is working hard on that !
  6. He is a friend , I can tell you he was only in jail till august 2016 because there was prove he didn't do it he only confirmed by the arrest to make the arrest less heavy but with the time being later on there was prove if he really did this he would be in jail for 3 or more years
  7. my my.. reading this all ..is hard knowing the truth truth has to be told he didn't do anything. knowing him he was not guilty at all otherwise he would still be in jail for atleast 3 years . I would love to explain all but this is all I can say
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