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    LUNA SEA,DEAD END,Laputa,La'cryma Christi,Janne Da Arc,ROUAGE,GLAY,Plastic Tree,Nightmare,PENICILLIN,SIAM SHADE,Kuroyume,ZI;KILL,L'Arc~en~Ciel,Die In Cries,Lastier,Creature Creature,SID,ViViD,TM Revolution,VAMPS,JUDY AND MARY,The Yellow Monkey.......Music & Anime.....Classic Rock......

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  1. DavidB.Rockin

    More prog rock
  2. DavidB.Rockin

    I love L'Arc~en~Ciel too. Did you see online that they're going on tour in Japan next year ? Hopefully they record new music soon.
  3. DavidB.Rockin

    Welcome. I love oldschool VK 😎
  4. DavidB.Rockin

    Hello fellow oldschool VK fan 😎
  5. DavidB.Rockin

    Nevermind...found it
  6. DavidB.Rockin

    Has anyone seen the Dynamite Tommy rap video on youtube ? I'm trying to look for it and show it to a friend.
  7. DavidB.Rockin

    Welcome I love those bands and 90s Visual Kei 😎
  8. DavidB.Rockin

    Welcome. I love the older vk bands that you listed. 😎
  9. DavidB.Rockin

    Anyone ever heard of this band ? I found them a few years ago on youtube. My favorite song is called Will.
  10. DavidB.Rockin

    Lastier (original: ラスティア) is a Japanese Rock/Visual Kei band formed in 1996 and disbanded in mid 2001 with a total of 4 albums: IN REASON (1997), Birthplace (1997), DEPARTURES (1999) and -R- (2000). It's members were Ryuichi Ishiyama (vocalist),Kyoichi (lead guitarist),Tomoaki Takasaki (rhythm guitarist), Yuki (bassist) and Ryo (drummer)
  11. DavidB.Rockin

    welcome. cool video. I've never heard of those bands featured in the video. I love old school VK.
  12. DavidB.Rockin

    Thanks....will do. I've been visiting the Monochrome Heaven website for a while(without a account 1-2 years).
  13. DavidB.Rockin

    Hello,My name is DavidB.Rockin. I love Music and Anime. I've been listening Jrock and Visual Kei bands/music since I was in high school(10th or 11th). I've decided to listen to japanese bands and music that were or weren't featured in Anime back in high school. I've also been a fan of Classic Rock for many years and decided to look for bands similar to Led Zeppelin,so I decided to search for Japanese bands from the 60s,70s,80s,and 90s(mostly 80s and 90s)....my intro to Jrock and Visual Kei was anime theme songs,LUNA SEA,La'cryma Christi,and L'Arc~en~Ciel.....In my search results for similar bands to Led Zeppelin/classic rock,I found a few bands that are similar to american/uk bands. I'm a fan of the oldschool Visual Kei bands, I also love some Nagoya Kei bands.
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