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  1. 狂気の涙

    Being really curious to why Arlequin had suddenly chose to do a key modification for the chorus (which sounds very good), since they never done that before... first it was kizu for jigoku and then Arlequin for this song (?)
  2. 狂気の涙

    I find the CD jacket art unsettling... And it sort of hints at touching the WWII issue? Like the zouka to kalashnikov song by ddrm or something
  3. 狂気の涙

    I have a feeling this is some environment related song? Like look at that parched grass background. Wild guess they are spreading climate change awareness haha
  4. 狂気の涙

    息の根's MV has been released on Youtube
  5. 狂気の涙

    Forgot to add but they will be holding their 6th anniversary Oneman Tour “con anima” and the tour final will be on 26 Oct at Tsutaya O-East
  6. A Type(¥3500+tax): CD: 1.息の根 2. CALLING 3.流星群 4. Alive -Acoustic Version- DVD: 「息の根」MV+Offshot and an interview explaining the songs B Type(¥1500+tax): CD:1.息の根 2. CALLING 3.流星群 It will be released 21 August and those who preorder before 20 July will get a postcard They are also now under a new label named “ANIMA” created under Goemon Records
  7. This has got to be the MV with most Aki close-shots ever Looks and sounds greatt Oh I really like Aki's tongue thing(licking?)
  8. Still quite new to posting but they released a short MV SPOT only on twitter And apparantly the full MV will be released on 20 Jan at 21:00 (GMT+9) hopefully on youtube too Sorry if info format is wrong >~<
  9. For some reason I really like 着衣遊泳 and 飢えの自覚 already from listening to the sample...Hope the full song doesn't disappoint me ^~^
  10. 狂気の涙

    Apparantly Aki’s voice is not that well nowadays and in the BLESS album there was barely any screaming... But I do love their songs and シオンremains my fav till now despite not having the screaming bits
  11. 狂気の涙

    Hoh they can take all my money the vibe is awesome
  12. 狂気の涙

    I see I see thanks!
  13. 狂気の涙

    Ah and forgive me im new to this whole vkei thing But is their any アルルカン etiquette that we must follow? (Etc like headbanging to every song i cant do it)
  14. 狂気の涙

    Ah ok you can send me the details thanks! Also I tried asking ticket japaaan but the attitude was really bad. I tried to communicate with them and they treated my like an idiot and told me not to come back again as I'll "only cause trouble" i mean like cmon its my first time trying their service...
  15. 狂気の涙

    Ah thanks so much For the regular sale i dont actually need to guard like one hour before the ticket sale starts at the com to get the regular ticket. Thats great Ah and good luck for your regular ticket hope you get it! Have fun!(oh well i have to wait for like 10 months lmao my sad sad life) thanks for your information Oh do you buy on eplus i cant seem to register due to some gaijin restrictions
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