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  1. It's too soon to lose another pet goddammit; praying for some miracle turnaround rn and I don't even worship anything.

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    2. SakuraFox512


      @yomii Callie is thankfully still around! She's had some mobility issues ever since (mainly with her back legs), but she's started to get some use back recently. Hopefully things keep improving from here! Thanks for the well wishes.

    3. yomii


      thats great news! and thanks for informing .w. btw tell me something about Callie! like what animal is she w

    4. SakuraFox512


      @yomii She's a cat -- gray tabby and calico mix. She's a stubborn and silly little thing who likes to curl up in fleece blankets and tap on her (metal) food and water bowls, regardless of whether or not she's just eaten or drank (she 's just always liked the sound they make, heh)

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