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  1. dabbing is the most advanced communication method in the history of humanity

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      You know too much

  2. Cantavanda

  3. I had a dream I posted something here but I forgot what I posted.

    1. Manabu


      Or maybe you're still in the dream and this is what you posted


    1. Seiji



  5. OMG, AFTER IMAGE??!! I can't wait to see what they include on this CD!!
  6. KISAKI is the greatest bandman since he plays BASS.. B A S S !! Slap like now.

    1. Jigsaw9


      CHECKMATE, taxpayers!

    2. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      I expect nothing less! Kisaki is very good at slapping things!

  7. Hello! I'm selling some items. Payment via PayPal accepted, shipping from Belgium, Europe. You can contact me via PM here, or my email adrielcantamessi@hotmail.com Picture of the lot: More pictures: https://cantavanda.com/for-sale-7-0/ LAREINE: Métamorphose single, with obi and Christmas announcement insert: 5EUR, I have two of these. ONLY ONE NOW (ONE SOLD) Métamorphose single, with obi but no Christmas insert, and broken jewel case (see picture): 1EUR SCREAM Like an EDISON message CDr (RARE): 19EUR Scarlet Majesty single with OBI: 14EUR SPECIAL OFFER 1: Métamorphose (non broken), SCREAM, and Scarlet Majesty for 34EUR KAMIJO: Heart bonus DVDr HEART Vol. 4 タワーレコード (RARE): 18EUR SOLD MALICE MIZER: Cardinal DVD (Klaha era PV collection): 25EUR SOLD merveilles -cinq parallèlle- DVD (Gackt era PV collection): 25EUR SOLD Saikai no chi to bara VHS, with slipcase: 7EUR SPECIAL OFFER 2: ALL THREE MALICE MIZER TOGETHER: 46EUR UNAVAILABLE RIBBON (band of LAREINE EMIRU): Beautiful & Resistance mini album: 23EUR SOLD La Valliére: Eternal mini album with OBI: 11EUR Közi of MM solo: acoustic demo CDr (RARE), but a little plastic sleeve where the CD goes in together with the tracklist is missing. The tracklist is there, just the plastic sleeve is missing.: 18EUR SOLD IZABEL VAROSA: Juliet single with OBI: 11EUR SPECIAL OFFER 3: RIBBON, La Valliére and IZABEL VAROSA together for 33EUR UNAVAILABLE Various artists: Crush 1 and 2, these are albums where modern VK bands cover older 90s bands' songs. The 1 has a booklet. 8EUR each. SPECIAL OFFER 4: 13EUR two Crush together ALI PROJECT: 勇侠青春謳 single, no OBI: 6EUR ART CUBE (band of Moi dix Mois Seth): 螺旋月 mini album, with OBI: 7EUR SOLD D≒SIRE: 異窓からの風景-想刻- 異窓からの風景-断章- and double album bundle, slipcase damaged (see pictures.): 13EUR SEX MACHINEGUNS: BORN OF FIRE live VHS red version: 3EUR I can ship cheaply to the EU, Russia, Canada, USA and Brasil, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Signapore. Because of Corona, shipping to other countries is much more expensive, and cheap shipping still has to wait until some more planes fly. Thanks!
  8. If you squeeze my tits, kiwi and strawberry sparkling water comes out.

    1. seys
    2. nekkichi


      lemonade stand soon?

    3. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Thank you Kanye, very cool!

  9. Wishing my best friend a super duper happy birthday! May your 21st year bring you great joy and happiness. I'll be sure to support you along the way in your music career and Youtube channel. Good luck!

  10. Cantavanda

    Alucardius is awesome, he is a great buyer!
  11. (Dasha) I can't believe I found you on here too


  12. I love the cartoons in your signature lol

  13. Cantavanda

  14. Hello there! I'm looking for postcard / photo card sets of LAREINE. I can offer a good amount per set! Thank you very much. -Cantavanda
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