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  1. 123Sandman321

    God, they'd sound SO much better if they had regular drums. The current sound is just awful.
  2. 123Sandman321

    The url ends in .io (for some reason) instead of .jp So first they remove most of their stuff from Spotify and now they have the gall to sell tickets for an online show? That's just laughable. I know they have to make money somehow, but this reaaaaally ain't it. rEqUeStS fRoM oVeRsEaS
  3. 123Sandman321

    Dyg" in GOD."
  4. 123Sandman321

    RAZOR have been a bit stale the last couple of years, but Okite is pretty much AOTY material, with STARS being probably the best thing they've ever done.
  5. 123Sandman321

    I'm super excited, but I hope the Lethal Affliction sound-alike quota is gonna be filled with Ignite. (it has a dash of Bloodshot, but the same thing applies and everyone who says it's a new sound is delusional)
  6. 123Sandman321

    Fuck. They will be missed. Wishing him a swift recovery. He's ollowing his idol too closely, eh.
  7. Oooohh, this shit absolutely slaps. Couldn't care less about the lyrics, it's not like the rest of the scene are brilliant poets.
  8. I just got into them and it's wonderful, definitely plan on getting more
  9. 123Sandman321

    Lately, they are making it very hard for me to continue to like them.
  10. 123Sandman321

    It's a'ight, but it easily could've been a subpar Crystal Lake song.
  11. 123Sandman321

    Wasn't throwing shade at the guy, just a shame that this kind of talent didn't show up on the album. Btw, a drummer could still program his own stuff, but that's beside the point.
  12. 123Sandman321

    Shame that he didn't bring such an amount of energy to the album.
  13. 123Sandman321

    I'd love to hear it with an improved Sho, Hiroshi on drums and better production. It'd be perfect.
  14. 123Sandman321

    At least twice a day, always in the morning and then in the evening, plus whenever necessary during the day.
  15. 123Sandman321

    Yeah, only involved in the production of Oni (oficially, they joined the band last year). Seiya and Hiroto left shortly after Kaika was released.
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