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  1. visvasrit

    i see it as unless you’re in a band, it’s just a nickname, not a “vk name”, lol.
  2. visvasrit

    they all look like lime from kizu. (?)
  3. visvasrit

    my honmei never retweets anything from a fan, like... he’s never done it. but he retweeted my video edit for him. 🥰 and then another guy from the same band liked it and said “___’s foreign fans are the best” and i just about died. i sometimes get to talk to them through DM or replies. or other bands see my drawings i’ve made in the past or like my replies to them. it’s just nice to have interaction. 🧸
  4. the blog entries are still up. makes me wonder why he deleted his tweets. was he forced to delete them?
  5. visvasrit

    taihonmei is sujk (deluhi), honmei are karma (avelcain) and rion (varie).
  6. the plot thickens. appearantly mr. shimizu is leaving him on read, no replies to emails or anything since august (i might be translating this wrong)
  7. after translating “lolita” and seeing how much sex he incorporates in his paintings, i’m sure that is exactly what you think it is. i wonder why so much sex? lol
  8. i never know what to think about him pricing this stuff at $200
  9. i hope someone can translate all the post and his other tweets. i can’t say i’m very surprised considering shimizuya's rep. makes one wonder about the other members. did they suffer this abuse too? did they take part of it? i cant decide which of the two would be worse to find out...
  10. visvasrit

    ikr? i wanted the black hoodie with pink logo bt uh... $100+ without counting international shipping? they’re crazy lmaooo.
  11. this is the first time i hear about this band but man... poor guy. i’m glad he’s fine and he will pursue his studies.
  12. visvasrit

    i liked their stuff, i liked them doing what they wanted. :c i hope it’s temporary and they come back after this whole virus is over.
  13. visvasrit

    it’s equally as dead, they just translated other blogs. i wonder if anyone would still be up to venturing tanuki and translating stuff from there now a days. 🤔
  14. visvasrit

    anything i can get my hands on. i have cd, dvd, cheki, sticker, cheki file and shirts.
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