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  1. ZudokatoKuroO

    Well, Unlike the other opinions I LOVE THIS ALBUM A LOT! Is the perfect mix of mucc's style and It is the most varied album to date along with Myakuhaku and Shangri-La but more varied than the last 2. Old Nu-Metal Style like Ameria, Crack and Sandman (Experimentation point) Jazzy Styles like Jikokeno Psychodelia Style like Friday the 13th. Industrial Metal Style like Aku-Jusicte- & Dead Or Alive Soft Rock Song like COBALT Alternative Metal with Rock Elements like Kurage and Super Hero (Tatsuro Dedicate this song to his Father after dead) Mid 2000 Nu Metal Style like Memai and Sei To Shi To Kimi Punk Rock Songs like Kamikaze Over Drive and My World Power Ballads Like Alpha and Spica I like the 3 Bonus Track and in my opinion is very ambitious do 83 Minutes Music TODAY... Unlike the same things that are on the TOP List.... The innovation is a prominent and understimate skill that bands like MUCC can be proud of them. This is only my opinion, every person can Hate or Love it like they want.
  2. ZudokatoKuroO

    Finally is out. I like it. Very diverse and complex like the band. I think this will be one of the greatest in my opinion, very mature and very original. My fav songs are 'Aku-Justice-' , Ameria, Kurage, Sei To Shi To Kimi, Memai feat. Hazuki and Jikoken'o.
  3. ZudokatoKuroO

    Excuseme, can you tell me which other songs from the Album they put out? (I only got "Ameria, Cobalt, Sei to Shi To Kimi and My World" so which other is "old" ???
  4. ZudokatoKuroO

    Well... I Respect your opinions and points of view... It's Interesting read a guy to make a ranking list of the Diru's albums... This is my Ranking From Best To Worst: 01-UROBOROS [Remastered & Expanded] 02-DUM SPIRO SPERO 03-ARCHE 04-The Insulated World 05-THE MARROW OF A BONE 06-Kisou 07-Macabre 08-VULGAR 09-Withering To Death 10-GAUZE
  5. ZudokatoKuroO

    Well is very Interesting read a little review of other person about Mucc Discography, well... I Discover Mucc a few years and right now i take the time to listen their whole discography, in fact thanks for the realese of their new album: Kowareta Piano To Living Dead. So after listen and listen and listen all their albums from start to finish here is my TOP 15 Of Mucc Albums: 01-Kuchiki No Tou (I know for some persons is predicible but not guilt me xD! this a fucking Masterpiece) 02-Shin Homura Uta (I listen the Shin Version first and later the original and in my personal opinion I preffer the Re-Record Ver) 03-Myakuhaku (Very Experimental with ALL In One... This Allbum was Fucking Fantastic) 04-Shion (I LOVE IT) 05-Kyutai 06-Zekuu 07-Kowareta Piano To Living Dead 08-T.R.E.N.D.Y -Paradise From 1997- 09-Gokusai 10-Shangri-La 11-The End Of The World 12-Houyoku 13-Shin Tsuzetsu 14-Karma 15-6 This is my personal opinion, I respect a lot the all Mucc Fanbase tops and opinions so it's okay if mine's different.
  6. Very Interesting this article...
  7. I Love the Visual Kei Era too, Actually I Love All DIR EN GREY Music.... I don't care the visual looks i just enjoy the art....I have 5 Years since become a fan and just absorb Everything of this band.... But always we gonna love more an albums than others... ¿What do you think of the Album @Seelentau ?
  8. Not for VINUSHKA, for THE BLOSOMING BEELZEBUB but actually Vinushka is my favorite song.... Anyone has a CD-Rip for the DISC 2 OF The Insulated World?
  9. I like the new album, it's not my favorite of them but i like it... My Personal Top DIR EN GREY Albums: 01-UROBOROS [Remastered & Expanded] 02-DUM SPIRO SPERO 03-The Insulated World 04-ARCHE 05-THE MARROW OF A BONE 06-Withering to death. 07-Kisou 08-VULGAR 09-MACABRE 10-GAUZE And for now this is my TIW TOP TRACKS: 01-Zetsuentai 02-Keigaku No Yoku 03-Aka 04-Celebrate Empty Howls 05-Followers 06-Downfall 07-Ranunculus 08-Utafumi 09-Ningen Wo Kaburu 10-Keibetsu To Hajimari 11-Values Of Madness 12-Devote My Life 13-Rubbish Heap PD: I LOVE ALL REMAKES, SPECIALLY The Deeper Vilness.
  10. ZudokatoKuroO

    Meanwhile, telle me your opinion... Which UROBOROS you prefer: UROBOROS (2008) VS UROBOROS [Remastered & Expanded] (2012) ?
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