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  1. Nice news, it's interresing 😊.
  2. This preview is really interessing and I like it😊.
  3. I love this preview 🥰
  4. Miku70

    DOGMAS have a new look and a new guitarist 竜哉 ( Tatsuya) join the band. They will start a free oneman on 29th october at Ebisu club claim. Individual : SiON : リノ 竜哉 憂羅 Source Twitter
  5. Miku70

    I mostly use my phone because it's more fast than my laptop. I use my laptop too 😊.
  6. Happy Birthday 😊.

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Yay, thanks a lot!

  7. コドモドラゴン new digital single 「KARISUMA」 will be released at 2020/10/07. The band reveals a new look : 隼斗 : ゆめ : meN-meN : チャム:
  8. Oh damn ! 😟. I hope, he's get well soon.
  9. Their crowfunding finished and they get their goal. The final result is 115°/° so 3,456,149JPY. Source :Camp Fire
  10. I love this live and the comment.☺️
  11. I love this second song too 🥰.
  12. I love this new version 🥰.
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