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  1. Katt

    I actually am a huge fan of them, and like other people here, have trouble putting them next to my other CDs and tapes on my shelves. I really like that some bands actually make 8cm singles from time to time as either a joke or a nostalgia factor. I think for me it is the cute and pseudo nostalgia factor that emulates a "Oh this is like buying a small piece or sample from the band", where I feel like it's a unique piece to have of a band you are wanting to get into or want to collect. Although I hate when bands have a 8cm cd in a normal cd case lmao that stuff is wack. Really wish there was more stuff like this that wasn't a total gimmick.
  2. "I don't wanna regret"✊ damn also I want this so bad lmfao this sucks
  3. Posters are the death of me
  4. Obviously joking, but I think if I actually dreamed of Kisaki that it would be him either ripping me off with one of his undercode / soleil lucky bags, or something fucked up lmao
  5. Katt

    ruri at da furi

  6. Katt

    it's just one of those days ig
  7. Katt

    Besides finding Vk related items in resale stores, the best two experiences for me was going to a Mitsuwa and hearing "I for you" by Luna-Sea, and then going to a generic weeb store in a small shopping center and they were blasting an cafe, nightmare, gazette, and miyavi lolz.
  8. I mostly tend to buy stupid merch pieces, or stuff that's small enough that would be easy to add to an outfit, like buttons, wristbands, and that sort of thing. Although I have a bad habit of buying pretty much anything from the bands I like, so that falls into the generic misc amounts of collectibles, such as cds, dvds, and that sorta thing.
  9. Katt

    I just have them underneath some flyers on my shelf, but I ordered a cheki case I hope to put my rare chekis in, that being said @monkeybanana4has the best method for storing them tbh
  10. Katt

    I ain't saying anything... but pictures don't lie.
  11. Katt

    I've noticed early 2000's Diru, as somewhat kinda previously mentioned by @Himeaimichu, has a very kind of Y2K vibe to it, in fact Kisou and MACABRE share similar vibes.
  12. Katt

    Welcome to the forum and have fun! Nice starter bands though!
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