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  1. Messenger84

    It's time to visit Nagoya once again...
  2. NALSIST added to lineup Vo. Yuichi Ba. HIDEKI support Gt. 頼田陵介 (Re;spect,eve → Quarry → UZI (ウージ) → BALLAD (バラッド) → COЯE THE CHILD → UNCLOCK LOVER) support Gt. YOU (Scarlet Valse) support Dr. nalu:shin (airhead)
  3. S will revive for one day on 3/22 - Vo.Sai (Shuuen NO Rasetsu) Birthday event at 名古屋Electric Lady Land Lineup: Vo. DAI (D'reysir → S) Gt. ITSUKI (R,via → S →NO.13 → ソロ、De:Bug) Gt. YUNA (R,via → S) Dr. REINA (CROSS → S → SIX-R (support) → S、SL-R) (Ba.Zekki will not participate)
  4. Messenger84

    12/14 Solitaire Line-up Vo: Sadon [INTEROZER → SOLID TEAR → Solitaire → Dizzle , Rudder ごぼう(仮))] (support) ] Gt: MIDORI (ex-the world.) Ba: Takanori (SOLID TEAR → Solitaire) Dr: Yoshitaka (Sacred†Sadism → ABYSS → Dies irae → Vanish → SOLID TEAR → Solitaire , Rudder , Ishtale support → Rudder → Rudder → FIORE (フィオーレ) , MM FANTASY → MM FANTASY → AibeLL , Ibaraki Akudou Chabangekidan CHEEKY (茨城悪童茶番劇団 チーキィ) → CHEEKY (チーキィ) → ROMiO.)
  5. Messenger84

    オトイロっ (otoiro) Vo. Naoki (ex. yazzmad) mentioned about unpublished song of otoiro and some merchandise will be sold during revival.
  6. Messenger84

    LUAZY will perform on 12/15 at SHIZUOKA SunAsh other bands to join them: CHAPPY 鬼丸 ブルドッグ SOL-TRIBE suicidehero Where is my baby
  7. Messenger84

    Meties will revive for one day on 1/3 ”RECUR to MIND” at club GRINDHOUSE Members: Vo. Kaya (ZEPHYR ZONE → Meties → ISOLA → Rudolf Steiner → Schwarz Stein → another cell → Femme Fatale ) Gt. Yu (Meties) Dr. Hisashi (Meties) support members Gt. TeTsU (HALO) Ba. Ryota (HALO / ex.VERTEX)
  8. Messenger84

    Delasine will revive after 25 years for one day only on 2/23 at BRAND NEW Osaka. Lineup: Vo. 聖 (Derlasigne Ivy -> Delasine) Gt. TAKA (Derlasigne Ivy -> Delasine) Dr. Shin (Derlasigne Ivy -> Delasine) support Ba. MINAMI (Ange∞Graie)
  9. Solitaire and オトイロっ (otoiro) will revive for one day on 12/14 at 義鷹主催 第10回「茨城会議-IBARAKI SUMMIT-」 @clubSONICmito other bands who will participate: ・リベラル ・枯レタ井戸ノ底。 ・Stir Enthusiasm ・BLIVET・E ・ごぼう(仮) ・オトイロっぽい何か。 ・齋藤ひろゆき(ex.ハッチ) ・マイケル・J.ポップス 転換act:DJお吟
  10. Messenger84

    Same here, that was my plan for the next month
  11. Dieuveil will revive on 11th August @熊本Django 25th Anniversary. Bands who will participate are: Dieuveil feat. HOSHIYUKI Visage, Fused Of Cave ALL IN (voc. HIRO ex- LEYRA, Gt. Kohei) code number【0069】 BEAT LOOSE Voc. Kyozi (ROSE SMELL MODE -> CANDY) Gt. MAYA ( ROSE SMELL MODE -> CANDY) Gt. RYO, (CANDY) Ba. KAZUKI (ROSE SMELL MODE) Dr. NAOKI (Shelly)
  12. I will be in Japan between 20.03 - 02.04. 2018 Let me know if you need any merch from any gig. I can go for (YOUR) gig if there is no clash and buy stuff. Just let me know. 3/20 Dish/L'eprica 3/21 ANIMA / Murasaki 3/23 Bless This Mess 3/24 Rides in Revelion 3/27 [enver] Brain 3/31 MIRAGE/Vasalla/Dear Loving, etc.
  13. Messenger84

    Fak no ### I want to see them once again :/ They are great.
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