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  1. くしゃみ (Kushami) Kanji: Romaji: ゴミ漁り純恋歌 (Gomi Isari Junkoi Uta) Kanji: Romaji: 囚人番号07番は愛した (Shuujin Bangou 07 Ban wa Aishita) Kanji: Romaji:
  2. Ultra Silvam

    I love this Liphlich one for the aesthetics and for how nicely the theme fits with the actual music. I also really liked Veltro by the Gallo one when it first came out because hail satan edgy > i'm a psycho edgy
  3. Ultra Silvam

    I sort mine by most favorite to least favorite. It's more convenient for me to have what I listen to the most at the top of my rack. I've tried alphabetical before but I just get lazy about it when I acquire new CD's. I keep my western and Japanese CD's separate, mostly just due to spacing issues and my aforementioned laziness. I bought most of my western CD's before any of my Japanese ones and kept them on one rack. I only really started buying Japanese CD's once that rack was already full, and I just didn't wanna reorganize them tbh
  4. Ultra Silvam

    If my translation is correct, than the website says that Ray is directing all the vocals on Angel's Cry and that it's their first melodic speed metal song. Well I don't exactly know what melodic speed metal is tbh, but I'm excited now and really hoping this turns out well. The website also says that Keisuke composed Devil's Calling and Daiki composed Angel's Cry, and they're based off of demos they received from a musician they respect.
  5. Ultra Silvam

    I'm hoping these are just revamps of his old compositions and he's doing this to show that he's improved, or something. Not that his old compositions were bad though (at least not imo) Also the band's twitter still lists Hiroto as their drummer, but Hiroto did post on his instagram a few days ago that he got married, so perhaps he's just been busy lol
  6. Ultra Silvam

    I think it's based on this picture for sure, but I also can't figure out the specific poses they're doing. (It's really bothering me tho so someone help us!!)
  7. 首輪教育のすすめ (Kubi wa Kyouiku no Susume) Kanji: Romaji: 左手はスナッフフィルム (Hidarite wa Snuff Film) Kanji: Romaji:
  8. Ultra Silvam

    I think that if you want to confront him about it and you feel confident then you should at least try. You're gonna have to stay calm throughout the entire thing though since self proclaimed assholes love to argue. You can't change someone else's behavior for them though. I grew up with some family members who were aggressive and ignorant so I just avoided them at all costs. It wasn't an ideal solution or one that made me happy, but it was a lot better than actually interacting with them and I didn't have any other choice anyway. I just spent most of my time in my room and I never spoke to or looked at these people unless I absolutely had to. I wouldn't respond when they made stupid comments towards me, even if the comments were actually hurtful. I never confronted anyone because I was too afraid to. Now I sometimes imagine what it would've been like back then if I did confront them. I think that the only way it would've worked is if I played really nice and pretend to care about their feelings while coming to some sort of compromise, so they felt like they were getting something out of it too. That's high effort manipulation though, but if you don't mind doing something like that then it might be worth thinking about.
  9. Ultra Silvam

    Dressed up for Halloween as a cheap Ai from gulu gulu. I actually felt really beautiful lol
  10. All lyrics written as they are in the booklet and romanized to the best of my ability. 変なメリーゴーランド Kanji: Romaji: 嗅覚障害 Kanji: Romaji: 不味い麻酔 Kanji: Romaji: Rubra Kanji: Romaji:
  11. This is my attempt. The lyrics are written in the booklet but it's very disorganized as the lyrics for the songs are all split up and mixed in with each other. I'm pretty confident with 吐瀉物, but 便所2 gave me some trouble that I'll explain at the end of this post. 「吐瀉物」 Kanji: Romaji: 「便所2」 Kanji: Romaji: I can't really figure out some of the harsh vocals in 便所2 (hence the ???????) and there's no lyrics leftover. I'm also unsure about the last two lines in 便所2. I can hear the latter half of both lines, but the first halves are definitely different. I think they're just being sung differently than the way the lyrics were written though, since I don't hear those fragments anywhere in either song and I can't find anymore lyrics in the booklet.
  12. It took a year but I think I finally managed to read the lyric booklet correctly. Kanji: Romaji: Also @Himeaimichu since you asked for this last year
  13. Ultra Silvam

    If the song I'm listening to has a music video or a live video then I tend to think about that. But I'm also one of those people who imagines themselves playing the song lol. I think that stems from my long desire to be an artist. If I correlate the song with a certain point or person in my life, then I I just think of my memories. I seem to correlate songs to certain feelings of mine, so then I think about all the significant times in my life that I've felt that way. There's some songs I love that I absolutely can't listen to because of that, but I don't think this is "deep" or something that anyone else doesn't experience. For example, the song Slow Rain by Umbrella makes me a bit sad and reminds of loneliness, so I think about the times in my adolescence when I was particularly lonely. On the flip side, Radical Hysteria by Born reminds me of when I was a little punky teenager lol, so I think about those times and laugh. I wish I could be the type of person who is able to create scenarios in my mind when I listen to music. I think I've tried before but I just can't seem to do it.
  14. Ultra Silvam

    I've had Sepia on repeat for a while and I think I love everything about it, even that super long outro. I had my doubts with their first single but even that has grown on me now. I normally dislike the more "mature" sound, but these guys have managed to break that for me and I actually kinda hope that this becomes their regular sound
  15. Ultra Silvam

    I actually REALLY like censor beeps in songs for some reason and I don't know why. But when a song has one it becomes significantly more interesting to me and I enjoy it a lot more. I think my favorite example of a censor beep is the one at the 2:40 mark in Takadanobaba Ailen by Kuroyuri to Kage. The placement of it is just perfect; it doesn't cut off any words when it starts or ends. It sounds like there could literally be nothing that the censor is covering, and that intrigues me so much lol
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