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  1. TheMadameGrotesque

    Yoshiki x Hyde is a dream come true
  2. TheMadameGrotesque

  3. TheMadameGrotesque

    I don't pay much attention to people bitching at each other about the groups, I'm a fan of both DEG and the Gazette but I know who influenced them and the bands have a common ground in that, members of both bands are die hard X Japan and hide fanboys, not to mention Die's obsession with the band of hide's original right hand best friend Kyo of D'erlanger. Cypher tattoo and all. Fans need to realize arguing amongst themselves is meaningless, the jrockers don't fucking care about what you think and your not the reason they became musicians. They have common interests, the fans need to take notes and sit the fuck down Joe. (reference to a hide concert)
  4. TheMadameGrotesque

    Nice! I will do that
  5. As I have never been to Japan and only have one concert under my belt, I would like to reach out, as I am in the process of planning a yaoi manga about the trials and tribulations of an EroGuro kei band of my own creation who sell their souls to Satan who owns the record company they get signed to. I need to know the terms used at lives, like bangya for example, the things fans usually do, the sleazy underside of VK . Research is best when gained from people with experience! Anyone willing to help out?
  6. You and Yuu from The Sound Bee HD are following me on Twitter! And You replied to my message! Yay! 

    1. Himeaimichu


      Nice! The most I got was Karuna from Gill'e Cadith following me on Instagram. Though he's not really relevant in the Vkei scene anymore other than Kimi wa Surudoku.

      I have some more obscure guys who follow me, like Tsubasa from Teketeke/Narcolepsy, but that's it lol

    2. TheMadameGrotesque


      Dude D.I.D is following me, DADA was one of the first to follow me, Junichi Nakamura, the vocals and bass of this other band whose name I forgot, Miyavi's staff, a bunch of random k-rock bands, a bunch of other VK bands and Crena from Bird As Omen~

  7. TheMadameGrotesque

    I'm personally needing to do a lot of research on the underbelly of the Jrock scene, I've got a project in the works and I don't have the ability to get to Japan, or read much Japanese if Tanuki is strictly nihongo. Overall shit costs waaaay too much and as much I would love to see what songs get released at lives I will have to wait until the more major bands have international fan clubs
  8. TheMadameGrotesque

    First and only concert I ever went to was X Japan in 2010 at the Rivera theater in Chicago
  9. TheMadameGrotesque

    Hybrid Truth by Deluhi
  10. TheMadameGrotesque

    I hope so, last time I was around this many fans was the X Japan concert in Chicago in 2010! XD
  11. TheMadameGrotesque

    Thanks a lot! Feels good to be around other Jrock fans, I am just bit shy so trying to speak to people won't come easy at first. Also the chatbox won't load but then again I'm on mobile so I guess that's why.
  12. TheMadameGrotesque

    Listening to The Sound Bee HD- Blood Rain
  13. Poking around the boards looking for someone to talk to.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. monkeybanana4


      What are you favorite songs by them?

    3. TheMadameGrotesque


      Sadie, Sexual Affection, and Their cover of this is Halloween and Pink Spider there are a few others but I can't remember the names.


      Megaromania, Apocalypse, And once again a bunch of other songs with jewelry in the title whose names I cannot remember off the top of my head

    4. monkeybanana4


      Their cover of This is Halloween is really good with Mao's deep voice. His voice is phenomenal. I also enjoy a lot of their songs on their Master of Romance album. Their music is quite good :) 


      Are you referring to Angelical Jewelry? I love the song as well. There is just something soothing about it to me. I also enjoy the song Amethyst, too. (There are too many good songs from both bands!)

  14. TheMadameGrotesque

    Ashame cuz I just joined XD
  15. TheMadameGrotesque

    Drew this when I was in high school in art class. R.I.P. to the greatest Jrocker who ever lived.
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