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  1. papyrus was a c h o i c e. song is great tho!
  2. Paraph

    low key disappointed but surprised they lasted as long as they did tbh. not that i think they're bad but i don't know much of their material post Flashback.
  3. left tape is tower records, right is like an edison
  4. Paraph

    vidoll lareine sugar metis gretel nazare
  5. Paraph

    SUI be out here bankrupting us all. bless.
  6. Paraph

    "do you love meh"
  7. My god are you kidding me? Now I have to make a separate order at Tower...fml Also, here's the cover
  8. yasssss take over the scene, K I N G S
  9. There will be a demotape privilege 「罪ト罰」 and different jacket designs for both Tower Records and Like an Edison versions
  10. Trying to start a Toronto Canada-based Visual Kei meetup group. Thinking of 20+ somethings getting together to watch lives, discuss any current news, favourite artists, etc. at various patios/parks/restaurants in the city. Wanting to keep the scene alive in Toronto. Here's a link to join. Still getting a handle on how to set it all up but excited to meet new people with the same passion.

    1. zombieparadise


      If you were on the west side of this great land mass, I'd be there in a heartbeat

    2. uirosos


      Sent a request to join the Facebook group! I live in Ottawa but I try to get down to Toronto as often as possible since all my visual kei friends are there.

  11. too bad, they were pretty solid live performers. not too familiar with them but enjoyed what i've heard.
  12. sounding good so far
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