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  1. Thank you both for the information, I really appreciate it. Definitely gonna check the ones I can and maybe share my experience with record hunting in Japan.
  2. I have my N4 in Japanese so my teacher said we would go on a trip to Japan (not only me and other people fro the private Japanese lesson.) Anyway... My flight to Japan is already scheduled so I will be in the land of the rising sun for 10 days (starting from 27th March to 8th April) so I want a few tips from people who already know some things to recommend. First, I know about Tower Records and Disk Union and Book Off! and plan on visiting them while I am in Tokyo. So my question is are there any other good record stores in Tokyo or Osaka where I can buy the albums I want for cheap and maybe secondhand because buying them new is very costy. Second, I already am looking for my favourite Vk-artists' tour plans, specifically Codomo Dragon, so if you can recommend me some live bars or places where Vk artists will be playing, again in Tokyo or Osaka. You can recommend me your favourite artists or share me if exist trace, Versailles, Diaura and maybe Dadaroma are playing live on the dates I will be in Japan. Last I wanna thank you in advance for sharing I will really appreciate it. Have a nice day.
  3. Crimson

    They got my attention. It's good to see their Twitter accounts active because when I discovered them their accounts were not active.
  4. I really should get more into Dadaroma. I only listened to Risley Circus (because of that FBE video).
  5. I was listening to them on the way home. And then decided to check my twitter and the first thing to see was this. I am kinda excited to see what will happen. 😀
  6. Crimson

    I would say major-era mainly because they got recognized more in their own society where if you don't act like the others you are an outsider (which is still relevant today in Japan, but back then it must have been a lot more strict). As far as music goes, I can't choose because their style evolves with the time and it still is evolving to this day, which keeps you excited for the next X related release.
  7. Crimson

    I understand seeing where you live. VK will be hard to get in outer space 😂. Jokes aside nice to meet you both @monkeybanana4 and @K-x-H.
  8. Thank you for the suggestions. Gonna check them out sometime. 😁
  9. That's cool. I remember seeing some vistlip PVs before I even knew what VK was, but a YouTuber named Akidearest explained it to me and I did a little research and fund Versailles. The rest is history.
  10. I know. I remember browsing vk .gy and saw the name BY-SEXUAL and thought "What a name for a band. Definitely gonna check it out." As for Neil, I remember someone recommending it to me.
  11. Crimson

    Nice to meet you.
  12. Crimson

    I am a university student from Bulgaria and I can speak four languages (very little Turkish, ironically my mother tongue, Bulgarian, English and medium level Japanese at best). I was very into Japanese music since little, because of anime. But I only listened to anime openings, endings and occasionally some anime, dorama OSTs with a little K-pop from time to time. But last year changed everything, I was introduced to heavy music by listening to Lordi and that's when my metal and hard rock obsession started. I became more indulged in different genres of music and become more musically diverse in my opinion. I am always open to a new genre of music to listen to. As far as my VK introduction went, I listened to Versailles and that was a great introduction to a new style of expression in music. After Versailles, I started getting more into other VK bands like exist trace, Dir en Grey, X Japan, the GazettE, Insanity Injection, BY-SEXUAL, NéiL, Malice Mizer and Codomo Dragon which are all my favourite bands of all time. I have a lot more bands I have listened to but these I listened more than just one song. I also listen to some foreign VK bands as BatAAr and VII Arc. For J-rock bands, I really love Wagakki Band, Galneryus, Yousei Teikoku and Abingdon boys school. For J-pop, I really recommend Yama-P and Utada Hikaru. I could talk all day about music and hope I can share my opinions with you guys because as Visual Kei is very niche in the west it's almost impossible to find VK fans in my country.
  13. Crimson

    Usually when listening to rock and metal music I "play" an air guitar but with Dir En Grey I try to impersonate his screaming and vocal parts. He has an amazing voice and couldn't say more. Also with the dope drums by Shinya, the underestimated bassist Toshiya and the great guitar duo Kaoru and Die, Dir En Grey make one unique and amazing band and I am very sad I can't go to their gig in Munich, Germany.
  14. Crimson

    I should have given them a hane earlier. Listened to some of their recent stuff yesterday and I am sold, my favourite tracks for now are DIRTYXDIRTY, WOLFMAN and HEMLOCK. I say for now, because opinions change and that is completely okay. I will listen more to this band for sure.
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