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  1. sleepy coffee

    Their first single was tasty, I'm ready for this
  2. sleepy coffee

    New song is gonna be titled "prayer", no idea if itll just be a mv or included on a single as well but at the very least it looks like we have something to look forward to
  3. sleepy coffee

    well no idea if anything is gonna happen but verxina happen to have a oneman show in on 11/30 titled, 「Re:born」, where they have confirmed theyll be showing off their new outfits. not sure if its worth looking into the name of the oneman too much but these guys have been quiet on the music release side of things for awhile now so hopefully we get some good news from them soon.
  4. sleepy coffee

    They had some sort of promo that theyd send you dm if you retweeted their photo and the dm included a photo and a message about new sound source and an acoustic live
  5. so this has basically boiled down to the band was just taking a break/vacation for the most part and now theyre scoping out the december show on whether or not they want to continue said break/vacation, how dare they! ! !
  6. sleepy coffee

    new release (probably a single) from them is titled Gothic✟Holic✟Doll .
  7. definitely rip in pieces rshitei now
  8. This feels they're just being dramatic and they just want get some attention and momentum going again since it's been a good minute since their last single. If I had to place money on it, I'm predicting they were never planning on breaking up and they're just gonna announce new music at this show.
  9. Kizu making an announcement that theyll have an announcement at their concert in december if they're disbanding or not, like what's the point of waiting lol

  10. sleepy coffee

    Ok this is pretty sick but wew the vocalist and purple hair guitarist got me feeling something else
  11. sleepy coffee

    whatever opinion you might have of retsu and dimlim it was definitely not ryuya/taishi that made their prior releases amazing either lol
  12. I dont have much to say besides I checked out the latest releases from mors principium est and the black dahlia murder to see if I have much of a desire to get back into melodeath banda. New mpe was excellent and idk about new tbdm, I feel like it's fine but I also feel like everything they make sounds the same in recent releases
  13. sleepy coffee

    Band photo and individual shots in spoilers
  14. 解体新書-令和版- will be released December 23rd and have 4 tracks, music video for the track "white" has been uploaded. 01.病ンデローム 02.LoBoToMY 03.トリクアトリト! 04.white Also for some reason the band has migrated to a new twitter so you might miss updates if you're not following it, heres a clip of another song on this release
  15. sleepy coffee

    Never heard of these guys til now but I'm copping this for sure the day it's out and I'll probably get all their other singles as well
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