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  1. This marvelous cruelty order is the first in my life I've ever owned a tape. So how exactly do I play from it or rip it LOL

    1. suji


      get a cassette player

    2. Elazmus


      and then hold your phone mic up to that cassette player and voila, HQ RIPS

  2. sleepy coffee

    lovely haul today キズ (Kizu) LIVE DVD「ONEMAN TOUR FINAL 消滅 2020年2月11日EX THEATER ROPPONGI」 ラヴェーゼ - 「無秩序な匣」 Marvelous Cruelty - 夜葬曲 the tape and demo cd are also extra Marvelous Cruelty stuff that came with the single purchase but i have no idea what the contents on it are
  3. sleepy coffee

    Hard to narrow it down but a pretty good reflection these days - dir en grey - dimlim - blackpink - kard - slothreat (any Katsuya project)
  4. sleepy coffee

    https://recochoku.jp/album/A2001823438/album?ds=1009681292 in case you want a short teaser of the song i stumbled upon this
  5. sleepy coffee

    I've never gone so fast from flaccid to erect back to flaccid in such a short time span, 40+ hours until it premiers zzz
  6. sleepy coffee

    1. Evangelion 2. Kara no kyoukai (garden of sinners) 3. Fate stay night (Heavens feel route movies) 4. Urasawa's Monster 5. Death note
  7. sleepy coffee

    lmao nice meme
  8. sleepy coffee

    Apparently the lyrics behind Rijin heavily imply it, but as far as I know hes never stated or confirmed anything so it's just speculation
  9. sleepy coffee

    Sho and akane
  10. sleepy coffee

    What are the chances itll be up digitally on the same day
  11. sleepy coffee

    it's a super solid 5/10
  12. sleepy coffee

    tbf this sounds like most fandoms
  13. sleepy coffee

    I'm the laugh emoji
  14. sleepy coffee

    ive finally started coming around to the clever sleazoid remake, still not as good as the original but on the off chance this means theres a chance theyll perform it live if concerts ever come back then im down with it
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