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  1. first hot take of 2019
    people can make all the comparisons they want and its pretty much justified since all the members are huge  diru fanboys, especially Sho, but CHEDOARA is still better than anything diru have ever done

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    2. platy


      It all comes down to one's personal taste... But you're right. 

    3. Tanishi


      Better then most of diru's stuff but definitely not as good as Uroboros.

    4. yomii


      i'm not even diru fan (and im not saying chedoara is not great, it is) but like they made a lot of different stuff and they are not popular for no reason, and i doubt that a beginner band's tiny little album beats their whole huge discography. anyway i suggest to chill and enjoy the music, any band with heavy sound will be compared to diru just because.

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