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  1. Deremie

    I use vlc player for that. Just get the .m3u8 link to the HLS-stream with some browser extension like download helper for firefox, put that as a network URL in vlc player under media > open network stream, change the 'play' field to 'convert' and chose an mp4 container. And then you have to wait for it to get the whole file.
  2. Deremie

    choke is such a good band, really. the new album has me shook. i had high expectations for it because i liked the first one so much and they did not disappoint. they are a really diverse band with a sound quite different to most vk bands and i'm absolutely digging it!!
  3. I'm not a fan of the test by 16personalities... there are even communities on MBTI that completely disregard tests on the internet and especially the one by 16p. But I'm also an INTP and delighted to see so many people with smiliar types here c:
  4. Deremie

    i actually read "meatball" every time
  5. Deremie

    I'll try it too this year if i don't forget halfway through
  6. Deremie

    I also really enjoyed the music video for that one
  7. Deremie

    For me it's Schwartz:Mist idk if the second word is supposed to be english but if it's german like the first one tries to be, that translates to black shit. also, dad-aroma.
  8. Deremie

    Meine persönlichen deutschen yt Lieblingskanäle sind coldmirror und Doktor Allwissend 😄 Wenn es dir darum geht, die berühmtesten deutschen Youtuber zu sehen, sind vielleicht auch die, die bei BUBBLES mitmachen was für dich. (idk ich glaube die kids mögen sowas heute?)
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