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  1. Demivee

    Ok where did this come from? I fucking love it! Song is great and the aesthetics of the video are delicious af.
  2. Demivee

    I can understand both of your points. Of course DIMLIM still has a huge potential with an A+ singer and a solid/creative guitarist. And yes, even MISC. has some highs which I hope they could improve over the possible next record. But what is definiteley not deniable is that the presentation of the band (Retsu) is literally a catastrophe. There is no concept, no content and no clear path of what this band is aiming for. In my opinion - and that should be for the most people here - is that I like a band partially because of the music and partially because of the look/theme/appearence (whatever you may name it). The music: ok they changed (and it's our turn next hehe) and I can accept that. The apperance: They wanted to quit VK, that's ok! But what are they aiming for? And for that I think this band is nearly dead. They abandoned fans from the past as they wanted to do a cut and will be struggling to gather new fans because of a) no shows at the moment and b) no concept. And that's a shame as this band had/has so much potential. Ah yes and that "positive reaction from overseas" is - in my opinion- a leftover from CHEDOARA and I would bet that most of the people who got tickets for the oversea shows didn't buy them to get wild over "Lament" if you know what I mean..
  3. Even with such a small crowd it feels so good to see some actual new live footage. ❤️
  4. I'm really not a fan of the Babymetal concept, but damn the new song with Bring me the Horizon is awesome! 


    1. Prophet


      I approve.

    2. YuyoDrift


      Never thought I'd see the two in one video lol but at least it's catchy.

    3. chemicalpictures


      this album is pretty darn good

  5. Demivee

    It seems.. 😅
  6. Finally a good chance for me to start getting into their discography. I saw them live in February and always wanted to give them a listen.
  7. Demivee

    Just a matter of time.. 😅
  8. Demivee

    That's cool! I would have loved to see the Pumpkin United Show but I missed them when they played in Wacken.. It's 6 years since Empire of the Undead was released. Kinda shocking how fast time flies.. Haha yes it was a nice party and he really is a nice guy. No wonder he is such a god in Japan. I heard from his band yes but I don't know him in person.
  9. Demivee

    Was anyone able to catch the REVENGE acoustic live and would be so kind to share it?
  10. Demivee

    Legendary band for sure! I'm more a fan of Gamma Ray but since Hansen's collab with Helloween the band is nearly dead. Helloween's roots are laying in my Hometown Hamburg, Germany so they are a big deal here. A few years ago I spent my New Years Eve celebaration at a party at Kai Hansens house because a friend of mine knows him in person. It was a nice party and Kai even gave me some CDs from his collection. :D
  11. This actually sounds really good! The song is finally giving me some D'espa vibes. 😍
  12. Demivee

    MUCC will broadcast a live concert which will be accessible from outside of Japan too. An online ticket will be available for the bargain price of 40$ lol. Are there really people who are spending 40$ for a freakin live stream?!
  13. Demivee

    MUCC released a shiny form of their new album "惡". This version contains a new mastering of the album by Miya himself including two bonus-remasterings of taboo and 例えば僕が居なかったら. All of this stuff was already released as a M-Card download which was included in the physical Version of 惡. This version is now up for streaming or downloading.
  14. Demivee

    I didn‘t mean it that negative as it sounded. It‘s just my opinion that this band will not survive any longer. They dropped an album which departed their fanbase (to say it kindly) and did their last concert in 2019. I don‘t think that there will be anyone left interested when they return to the stage. Which is sad because I loved this band to death until their „we changed now it‘s your turn“ shit.
  15. Demivee

    This band is so dead.. 😅
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