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  1. sutululu

  2. sutululu

    The what?
  3. sutululu

    Oh man, they didn't put out any decent stuff since Factor Karyu should just team up with Hizumi again
  4. Initium by Redrum was such a good song
  5. sutululu

    Many people said that Vexent is a Gazette rip-off and that they used ghostwriters, but after most of the big bands disbanded in the last few years (Dadaroma, Morrigan, Mejibray, Far East Dizain etc.) I would take them over any newcomer that debuted since Vexent disbanded. Like in the past year we didn't get a single actually good band, maybe Xanvala, but they belong to the groups that sound better live, so for overseas that's not much.
  6. sutululu

    Still no that "where is your justice" song
  7. sutululu

    Ok, now we need -Oz- and DespairsRay and we happy
  8. sutululu

    Going from 1 million yt views to 20k takes its toll
  9. sutululu

  10. Never heard about it🤨
  11. They are really trying to save money
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