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  1. Gesu

    I can't stand being twenty and never having had a paid job in my life. I've been looking for an apprenticeship lately cuz I thought that might be a bit easier to find than a proper job for the time being but of course, they either don't get back to you if you apply or they require you to have prior experience (which is fucking ridiculous because the whole point of an apprenticeship is to get trained in sth while making some money, as opposed to being fully qualified). My family keep telling me not to feel bad but it's difficult not to when I remember people in high school who weren't even adults who could somehow juggle school work and paid work (bear in mind I went to a hardass high school and it was difficult to even juggle school work with leisure time). It just makes me feel super inadequate and I feel like I'm gonna be on benefits for the rest of my life. Sometimes I consider just forgetting work altogether and trying to become an artist or singer or whatever so I don't have to go through getting rejected/not hearing back from an employer again but I know that wouldn't be sensible. The stagnation is making my insomnia worse to the point where I'll get a good night's sleep maybe once a month. Given how fucked 2020's been in general, I doubt it's gonna get any easier from here.
  2. Gesu

    European food has to be my favourite. I love pasta dishes so I eat a lot of Italian food. I also have a massive sweet tooth and Europe tends to produce a lot of sweet food like ice cream and chocolate, so that appeals to me. Also, on the subject of chocolate, I will forever hold the belief that Swedish chocolate is the best and not Belgian lol. I also really like central American food and Indian food but I have to be careful with that because I'm a total spice wuss so whatever I eat from those countries has to be as mild as can be.
  3. Gesu

    I mostly just use my laptop, although I do browse Google news a little on my phone as well just to see if there are any upcoming games and whatnot I might be interested in. Also, call me crazy, but I've never actually understood how people can browse at length on the toilet without feeling like doing their business and getting out is the top priority in that moment. I'd feel kind of icky sat on a toilet for ages on my phone instead of just sitting in my room. Plus, I'd be too worried about dropping my phone in the toilet.
  4. Gesu

    The feels, man.
  5. Moran Jikkendai Marmot DELUHI Kamijo (or Versailles as Kamijo isn't a band) SHiSHi Now, I wonder what they'd sound like all mixed together...
  6. Gesu

    I'll make an effort to check out every new band I see here, even if few manage to hold my interest. That being said, I guess I have higher expectations for bands with members from bands I love. Usually when I've found out a musician I like has joined a new band/used to be in a different band and checked them out, I haven't been disappointed at all, although there have been exceptions. Like I said, new bands will always get a chance from me so even if there are members from bands I don't like so much, I give them the benefit of the doubt because the way I see it, they might be in a new band because they wanted to try something new so I don't think I can ever truly know what to expect.
  7. Wishing a happy birthday to our beloved Jr. Mod Gesu! Have fun and enjoy your very special day :lovely: 

    1. Gesu


      Thanks very much~! :3

  8. My boredom's been giving me insomnia lately so I keep waking up after about four or five hours and having crazy dreams when I manage to get back to sleep. I was doing alright last night/this morning until I woke up from a nightmare about that video of that pufferfish eating that carrot and going "augh". It was... weird. I just remember that pufferfish and then shaking my head vigorously until I woke up and conked out again. Hopefully this'll go away if/when I can find a job/apprenticeship. 🤔
  9. Happy birthday, friendo! Have an awesome day~ ^_^

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      I appreciate it, Gesu~ I did have a great birthday!

  10. Gesu

    You can't tell me Yuri from Fire Emblem: Three Houses wouldn't be a bandman if he were real He's even got purple eyeshadow. Speaking of games, there are more than a few characters in The World Ends With You who have a kind of VK/psuedo-VK look although I'm not sure if that counts as unexpected since the whole theme of the game is Shibuya youth culture.
  11. Gesu

    Welcome back! I don't think you've been around since I joined but it's always nice to see returners, especially if they like DIAURA and Versailles haha~ also I love your Collar X Malice signature pic!
  12. Gesu

    Two new otome games coming to Switch~ https://www.siliconera.com/interview-learning-more-about-otome-visual-novels-piofiore-and-cafe-enchantes-localizations/
  13. Music's kind of a miss for me but I do like the visuals. I'd say this is clown kei done right.
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