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  1. Joel

    Track 2 is my shit
  2. Joel

  3. Joel

    Just uploaded Link
  4. Joel

    Holy. Shit. This is seriously the best DEXCORE track I've heard so far. I didn't expect Ryo to be the feature at all but he's a very worthy choice.
  5. Joel

    AOTY 100% this is gonna be so sick. If I had to take a wild guess for the feature on Cibus I would think Mio from NAZARE though I wouldn't doubt Keisuke being the feature either
  6. Joel

    Damn I knew something like this had to have been going on, didn't think he was straight up ghosting his band though lmao
  7. I liked the sample and I'm always down for old MUCC tribute bands but this just isn't it chief
  8. Joel

    Holy shit track 2 is so sick, this is one of the few VK bands at the moment constantly putting out good material and also one of the few that I'm actually keeping up with. I assume once all the singles are out they'll release an album with the full connected cover and have a few extra tracks then release all the second tracks from the singles on a limited edition or something.
  9. This shit is horrible but I'm still gonna need a physical release
  10. Joel

    Nemophila must have been really stressful for him to record with all this shit going on, I doubt he even wanted to make the album at all. I'm glad they're disbanding at this point though, if Mio got replaced it just wouldn't sound like NAZARE anymore. I hope he recovers and returns one day he was one of my favorite vocalists even outside of VK. I hope the other members return as well (I know Issei definitely will)
  11. Joel

    Huh? Sho has mental issues?
  12. Joel

    This is probably gonna be the saddest news of this year to me
  13. Damn, NAZARE disbanded. Their latest album wasn't the best of their material but I'm gonna miss them

  14. Joel

    http://www.nazare-official.com/news/0/52628/ They disbanded
  15. Joel

    Hello everyone I'm currently interested in the following items Anything Vice†risk Anything DIMLIM pre-MISC. Anything NAZARE Anything The Piass La'miss†fairy - Virgin VII-Sense ‎– Silent Assassin Not VK and also super rare but if anyone happens to own "Assert, Everything Will Be Nothing" by Tomato Steal, please contact me. If anyone is willing to part ways with any of these items please notify me! I'll always be willing to purchase as long as its in my price range
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