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  1. greenops

    Good series.
  2. I actually really like the dub for Howl's moving castle. Something about billy crystal as the flame is just too great.
  3. greenops

    I've seen a couple of the episodes. Interesting premise and worth the watch. I might return to it and finish sometime soon.
  4. greenops

    I never got much into the show, my Girlfriend is a huge fan though nad made me watch the first season lol.
  5. Last of us definitely is in the running for best.
  6. I'm crap tier at drifting in Asetto Corsa but I still love attempting to do tandem drifting with people!
  7. A little surprised horror is so high on this list!
  8. greenops

    HOTS is actually a surprisingly good MOBA considering how many awful moba's have been coming out in the last 3 or 4 years. It's fun with friends but I still think League of Legends is a better competitive game (though HOTS is still really fun!).
  9. greenops

    I hate the reputation the show's fans have gotten because the show itself is actually pretty good.
  10. greenops

    I like the idea of GDQ more than watching is usually. Too many painful cringe moments on stream form the audience lol.
  11. greenops

    Man I can't wait for the final season I'm so fucking hype already!
  12. greenops

    I like letterboxd but I have so many ratings on IMDB already that I feel like I can't leave lol.
  13. greenops

    Been going through rewatching the office. Such a classic tv show.
  14. greenops

    Still mostly playing League of legends even after 7 or 8 years lol. I play some vr racing sims with a force feedback wheel too.
  15. greenops

    Good stuff!
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