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  1. Individual pics Issei Kazuki You Tsubame Yusuke
  2. Individual shots: Kakeru (vo.) You (gt.) Rin (gt.) Shian (ba.) Yo-hey (dr.)
  3. 5th single 優しい嘘 (Yasashii uso) Release: November 13th Tracklist 01. 優しい嘘 (Yasashii uso) 02. 優しい嘘 (off vo.) 03. 優しい嘘 (Yui loud ver.) 04. 優しい嘘 (Shiina Mio loud ver.) 05. 優しい嘘 (LiN loud ver.) 06. 優しい嘘 (Haku loud ver.) 07. 優しい嘘 (Sana loud ver.)
  4. Aika

    Melty Night (メルティナイト)
  5. Aika

    Digital single "THREE HEARTS" has been cancelled and changed to digital single "Mischievous." (only one track.) The other tracks planned to be released in "THREE HEARTS" will finally be released in their best of album "LOST CHILD" to be released in February 10th, 2021
  6. Aika

    Translation of the members' messages: https://crimsonlotus.eu/liverecht-departure-of-the-vocalist/
  7. Aika

    Mayoi (vo.) Asahi (gt.) Yuuto (ba.) Yuki (dr.)
  8. Aika

    When I was in Tokyo in 2018, they were distributing their flyers on the street after a live of the GazettE I went to, and I was like "Eh? I thought they had disbanded age ago!!" xD
  9. Hibari, Boku and Riu will leave the band on October 1st. Yu-ta will continue his activities within the band with support members.
  10. RAKUGAKI will release a new digital single "MONSTER" on September 30th. Tracklist: 1. Monster 2. 玩具人減 (Omocha hitogen) MV spot ↓ New look Annie Kazuma Toui Aya
  11. Aika

    Many VK bands are doing online lives and 25/40$ is the common price depending on the band's popularity. The current situation is very difficult for bands at the moment since they can't have lives (or they can but with so many restrictions, that's such a pain in the ass), and they need money. Since we finally can help them by buying their online lives... (and it's cheaper than a DVD) I'm willing to give my money to all my fav bands to suport them.
  12. Aika

    New look for their 8th anniversary
  13. Ashi disbanded today (august 15th) due to coronavirus. Translation of their message
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