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  1. I don't listen to Gazette much anymore but wow, the intro and tempo, definitely
  2. Not particularly keen on how the video is edited. But the song itself is pretty decent
  3. Can't really call myself a fan since I'm only familiar with 'lost in blue'. Started following them on twitter since the revival. But Yomi sounds quite different from what I remember? A lot more nasal and his lower registers especially lack precision and projection. I assumed they went on hiatus mostly because the members wanted to try different things. Having said that, both Kyo and Mao went through periods of sounding terrible (Kyo I've experienced firsthand, Mao from words of mouth) and they've found a way around it. So there's hope.
  4. I had very low expectations for nightless city Eden so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the album, a B+ from me. I hope what they went through in the last few months had put some fuel in the engine
  5. I got the digital version(here ) while I wait for my CD to arrive. Now, the preview didn't grab me at all apart from the ballad, so my expectations were pretty damn low going in. Immediate love : 罪人(tsumibito) and ASOBI. tsumibito has a lovely melody and Shou rendered it with control and tenderness. Although I wouldn't say it's groundbreaking, there are definitely hints of Sonata in there. ASOBI on the other hand, is the pleasant surprise out of the whole mini album. The bridge calls back to their first couple of eps, ie a more light-hearted, upbeat version of Kagrra. Adding synth and a slight vocal distortion on top feels like a blend of not only East and West, but also different time periods. I absolutely adore the instrumental solo in this song: starting with a creepy, off-tune music box sound, and builds up to the twin guitar hormonization. Can't wait to experience ASOBI live. Babylon is on familiar ground again. It feels like it should be the op of a late night TV drama. Everlasting is THE typical fluffy light rock, feel good side of Alice Nine. Epilogue (opening instrumental), pfft, they just put the orchestral arrangement of revolutionary blooming as a separate entry! So not only is this a mini album, 3 songs out of 8 we've heard before. That's just laziness. Overall, I'm still happy with it. Because whether I like the ballad or not pretty much determines my feeling towards any album.
  6. I like the intro a lot but I'm having trouble getting the main melody. Revolutionary blooming was meh for me too. With the exception of the first EP, overall I quite like their 'A9 era'. Kinda worried that I'll realise I actually prefer A9 to アリス九號 2.0. Oh well, that's an essential part of any artist; they will evolve and change and they'll lose fans along the way.
  7. Just replying to your second paragraph since the first is purely down to personal tastes. They discussed the reason in a couple of recent interviews, I'll link one of those here: https://mokkoriness.tumblr.com/post/188291014559/alicenine-diga-interview-part-one-october Basically it boils down to 'Alice nine /アリス九號 is our root and where we started, so we feel the obligation to reclaim it, for the band and for the fans'.
  8. Chimerari

    I've liked the new single from the first moment I heard it. It's a great song doing live since the melody is a tad repetitive, but catchy. And I'll forever be tickled that someone recorded Shishamo's meow and blended it into the song XDD The PV is somewhat rough around the edges but it could be that they're consciously reproducing that indies feeling. You can tell Tora edited the footage.
  9. I liked the added drum bit in Corona. Plus how the keyboard supports Shou's voice in the chorus part of Fantasy. Other than that, those three weren't particularly wow-worthy.
  10. Considering those are all 'old' songs, and they still managed to surprise and awe me, it's quite something. I couldn't get past Mugen no Hana the first time I listened to the full album, I just kept wanting to loop it. Hadn't thought that song could've be improved, yet it was.
  11. I'm guessing another name change. They've been changing it every 5 years, from アリス九號 to Alice Nine (2009) to A9 (2015). I'm guessing the negotiations with PSC has been well and truly wrapped up, and they're taking the copyrights for all their songs and アリス九號/Alice Nine branding back. Whether they'll go for a new name (please don't randomly add 'the' to the front) or revert back to Alice Nine is anyone's guess.
  12. I didn't have time to listen to the full album last night. So far I was just blown away by Dice. WOW. Love what they did with the verse.
  13. Yeah same. even though I know he's just haphazardly thrown some war paint on, it still catches me off guard from time to time. Also Google music! Which worked better for me since I don't have any apple product and I like to be able to listen to all my music using one music player.
  14. Chimerari

    I'm not a big fan of their very first EP after they went independent. Phoenix was just too, busy. Like chukcing pieces of melodies into a blender. 道化師 is awesome. Have mixed feelings about フリージアの咲く場所 since I love love LOVE the instrumental version. Yet Shou's singing style IMO failed to blend in. Not many people are keen on Light and Darkness, but I actually really like it. Especially Darker and Darker and Insomnia. Insomnia remains the most looped A9 song since their name change. I'd put it in the same bracket as birth in the death, from Kurayami etc. Ideal and Planet Nine both have tracks I adore: 造花の代償, 荊棘, 輪廻と一夜の物語, Unreal, Asylum. Asylum sailed straight to the top of my favourite songs to hear live. On the whole, I wouldn't say A9 is better or worse than Alice Nine. Part of the reason I've liked them for so long is because they're hard to tie down to one genre. They're constantly trying out new things.
  15. I had trepidations about this best of album. So far the previews haven't disappointed. I'm particularly digging this new rendition of Fantasy, which has a much more crystal clear sound. As for 風月ノ詩, I'm most looking forward to hear the full version of Dice. I feel they have put a lot of thought into the re-arrangements.
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