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  1. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Well I look forward to some proper samples from the EP but Cazqui had a really unique style of writing/riffing and although Unleash was decent (though nothing incredible) it just didn't sound like Nocturnal Bloodlust for me anymore and just had a more generic sound about it but now they have these new guitarists maybe that will breath some fresh life back into the band and we're about to get something amazing. Who knows? But the same as some other guys here, am feeling a bit apprehensive about this. haha.
  2. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Sounds all good to me so far, can always rely on RAZOR to deliver. Single ordered so just gotta wait now. *excited*
  3. Kabukichoatmidnight

    I get it, but that all still seems a bit silly though. haha. A few phone pics/videos are never going to be as good as professionally shot photos/gigs so I really don't think it would be THAT detrimental to sales. People who are big fans will still buy the stuff anyway. Personally I'm not a big fan of phones out at gigs generally so it is kind of good that not everyone is there with phones out, but if one person wants to take a pic or two as a memory or whatever then making a fuss over that is really lame. It would be a problem if you had a line of obsessed bangya on the front row constantly ramming their phones in your face the entire show so tbh feel just getting a balance right would be a more realistic approach.
  4. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Yeah it definitely has a vibe from their earlier works which is awesome and yeah it's consistently good stuff, wasn't a single song I hated (just think ignite is a bit bland) or anything, but just doesn't have any real memorable moments or unexpected/nice twists and turns that they've had before. It's still a good release, just nothing exceptional for me.
  5. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Is down for me aswell it seems, things have been a little quiet with them recently so does make you wonder what's up. Either something really awesome is happening, or something that's going to be very bad news. Time will tell!
  6. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Yep, EvilHippy is right, I have the majority of those releases. They came as pre-order extra with the DVDs/Blurays of the same show and basically contained exclusive SE's used during those shows. There is no tracklist/titles on the releases themselves and yep are exclusive to those discs alone (so far). + That video of 絶彩...... Holy crap, I've listened to that song so many times and thought how amazing it'd be live and certainly isn't disappointing!! Cheers for posting!!!
  7. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Well it certainly is better than the standards set with "Ignite" alone, but nothing really mind blowing in my opinion. Just Jiluka being Jiluka minus those great moments that will pull you back in for repeat listens over and over.
  8. Cheers! Wow, that's a bit of a bummer they cut a few songs from the set for the regular version. I may have gone for the special edition had I have known that beforehand. I just guessed that they would be actual "bonus" videos not cut from the main feature.
  9. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Looking forward to getting my copy but damn, that 20min trailer.... lol. I'm happy to wait to listen to the whole album(s) rather than listen to 20mins of odds n sods.
  10. Are these extra tracks actually part of the same show? Or just some extra footage kinda thing? I got the regular version as didn't care much to pay a load extra for a few photos I'm only going to look at once. 😛 The extra songs however may have been different.
  11. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Oh damn, I actually kinda liked these guys. I hope they do some kind of compilation CD release before everything disappears from spotify forever.
  12. Kabukichoatmidnight

    I would just assume that it's not really "official" Dir en Grey stuff, like it's not counted in their discography or put on CD sold as Dir En Grey or whatever, if you get what I mean? + Lucky that you're getting a copy of the new single physically! When is that even out? I'll keep an eye out online for second hand versions. I'm all in it for the extras, got to be honest I have only listened to the single itself once since getting it. haha.
  13. Kabukichoatmidnight

    I gotta admit while I do understand why Vkei bands don't like people taking photos and videos at the same time I don't get it. Like if people are taking photos/videos of bands they can share online or whatever isn't that helping give the bands exposure to people who may not have heard of the bands otherwise? Like see some photos or a video and think "wow, this band look awesome, I'll have to catch another show as that one looked kick ass" sort of thing. And isn't like phone videos of gigs are ever that good that it's going to stop people attending lives or buying the dvds or whatever so seems a bit petty and counter productive in my opinion. Also is worth noting that basically no other genre of music has dumbass rules like this so is weird that vkei does, just seems a bit lame and shit that vkei is like this.
  14. Kabukichoatmidnight

    RAZOR is generally a mandatory purchase so let's go. haha
  15. Kabukichoatmidnight

    Knowing VK I can almost bet that the "different" cover is basically the same as the normal one just a different colour or something. 😛 Am feeling like there is hope after listening to the samples that the album will be decent after hearing how lack lustre "Ignite" is, definitely got some more of the usual good stuff that you'd expect with this band. Really liking the sound of "Edifice" so far as well so look forward to checking out the full version when my copy arrives.
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