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  1. ddeadstars-mako

    damn, that’s scary! people really go far into things like this. it’s quite sad to be honest.
  2. ddeadstars-mako

    who are they? what did they do ?
  3. ddeadstars-mako

    Yep, I’ve known about her for a while, but I recently tried talking to her to get her to stop? She blocked me and then apparently reported me lolol
  4. ddeadstars-mako

    ayo peeps! this is my first post on here. so, i wanted to discuss creepy, obsessive fans... annoying fans... everything of that ! recently i discovered a annoying and oblivious fan, who keeps claiming ruki as her husband (despite him saying before he does NOT wish to marry.) earlier i tried pointing out her problems and attempting to get her to stop as her statements claiming to be ruki’s wife are FALSE. she sends Ruki selfies daily, via Instagram. she also apparently comments inappropriate things in his posts? she photoshops her with him. she blocked me lol. have you guys ever dealt with fans like this? these types of fans are what make is foreign fans look like shit. can y’all share you opinions and stories with other people like this?
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