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  1. Cereal Killer 13

    I haven't been thrilled by their latest singles but I am still excited to hear the EP.
  2. Cereal Killer 13

    This deserves its own thread tbh.
  3. Cereal Killer 13

    Well now I'm even more nauseous.
  4. Cereal Killer 13

    This makes me want to play Jubeat. I can just see it now. Hands putting in work like Sonic's shoes.
  5. Cereal Killer 13

    I have been meaning to try and pay closer attention to their releases.
  6. Cereal Killer 13

    I stream to discover new music but when I like stuff I buy it. People I really like I buy physicals (vinyl if available and CDs).
  7. I keep seeing this topic but could not for the life of me come up with an answer. Thought about it though and perhaps Nero (MERRY)? He's an Aquarius and I get along good with them and we'd go shoe shopping. I like a lot of his sneakers.
  8. Cereal Killer 13

    I had Lin (ex. Abstracts, NCBL) respond to a comment I made in an IG live. Also a guy from a Jpop group follows me and I don't know why but whatever. I don't really comment on artists posts like that.
  9. I recently saw an interview with the Gazette and they said they had never been roadies for other bands.
  10. Cereal Killer 13

    Wow I feel bitter.
  11. Cereal Killer 13

    I just posted the video with Die and Toshiya somewhere else on here. Didn't know about the one with J. I think it has to do with how rock has been dying in the west. In 2007 some form of it was still holding on in popularity. But now beggars can't be choosers and so anything that will get people talking/clicking is now fair game. A number of Japanese bands have been doing well for themselves abroad. I wonder if we'll start seeing stuff like this with the Japanese metalcore bands that have been building fanbases abroad (and they appeal to people who don't necessarily care about Jrock/vkei).
  12. Cereal Killer 13

    All of this stuff is being uploaded now but they did a lot more interviews than I expected while here. https://youtu.be/irSDzpy6lIY
  13. Cereal Killer 13

    So is this the official Crystal Lake thread here because....?
  14. Cereal Killer 13

    Everyone loves to say this but is it really that easy?
  15. Cereal Killer 13

    I'd be more active if there was more discussion on bands outside of vkei. A lot of the time I'll search for specific bands and I see that they have fans here but there are never topics made about them. I came out of lurking because of a non vkei band having a thread made about two of the members.
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