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  1. Bunny-Usagii

    Monyo from Babykingdom like usual lmao
  2. I just ordered two new cd's yaay!!

    Jupiter: Warrior of Liberation

    Babykingdom: Shinobi*Supaichu D


    Very excited!

  3. Today on BPR: Babykingdom fucking dies

    1. anadentone


      Monyo on Bebiki channel- *seriousness*

      Monyo on BP channel- Hyper Dork chan!

  4. Bunny-Usagii

    Uhhh I have like one whole selfie on my phone that I don't even like that much, so have that lmao I hope to improve my look this year (earrings and hair mainly)
  5. So B.P.Records just purged my account (Visual kei uploads) where I had all my Kiryu stuff and those Youtube lives...

    I'm working on putting some stuff onto Mediafire and linking those in a googledoc.

    Once that's done I'll link it here

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    2. suji


      @Bunny-Usagii sorry, no public DL links

    3. IGM_Oficial


      Aw, man, this sucks so hard...

    4. anadentone


      T_T kiryu lives are the best

  6. Bunny-Usagii

    Oh thank you! That'd be cool! I just want to collect some more VK stuff now that I finally have money as a broke high school student lol
  7. Bunny-Usagii

    I found a secondhand copy of the Mahiro one, but it's not clear what makes the member ones so special. Do they have some random pictures printed in them or something? If anyone has a C-G version, please explain lol
  8. Bunny-Usagii

    Idk if this has been done before but yeah.. Enjoy I don't hate Kamijo or anything, it was just kinda funny to me lmfao
  9. Bunny-Usagii

    The look:
  10. Bunny-Usagii

    Is it weird to say that I'm slowly growing used to it by now? Like, in his last looks it was fine, Watashi Mamire just looked weird as fuck. Tamaki, Kachou and this one, Hotaru, do not really look weird?? Ofc it's still not really the same as before, but it's like another version of Mahiro I guess? Idk how to explain, but I think you get me?
  11. Bunny-Usagii

    Hhh I made a shitty one in like less than a minute based on the Bebikin video of today, enjoy :,D
  12. Bunny-Usagii

    Oml, why did that take a while ffs
  13. Bunny-Usagii

    Can anyone help me get it? I've been trying for an hour with VPN, new accounts, and even random phone apps. I just can't get it D,: It's "誰かのヒーロー" on iTunes and Dwango. I only have Paypal and iDeal, no Credit card (I'm Dutch) This is the cover art of the single for reference If anyone can buy it for me and send me the mp3, I'll send back whatever it had cost you via Paypal!
  14. AAAAAAA I'm excited to hear it!!!!!!
  15. happy Birthday ya adorable Bunny ❤️


    1. Bunny-Usagii


      Ahh thank you!!! >w<

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