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  1. Nyasagi

    I hope this website won't die, because it's the best source for checking the previous bands of musicians.
  2. Nyasagi

    I wasn't serious. Stop taking me seriously.
  3. Nyasagi

    In this case I guess it may be one of these situations: - he was a dick and she got angry at him and killed herself, but for some reason he takes the blame, or made him angry and he choked her after losing control - she was a psycho fan, who manipulated him into something evil and maybe into choking him, too - they were going to commit a double suicide, but he freaked out and ended up not killing himself after choking her ...and before I clicked the topic I thought it was another bandguy, who fucked a minor. Now, why didn't he just say they were doing breath play bdsm and an accident happened? hahaha
  4. Nyasagi

    I'm not sure, I struggle between bisexuality, gray asexuality, and asexuality. My sexuality has been confusing me since I was a teenager. I thought I was into women, but it didn't work, I didn't like it (both romantically and sexually) and men scare me because I'm not good looking and I'm not attracted to most of them anyway. Figuring it out can be stressful sometimes, because I don't even know who I am. Your swearing doesn't bother me. It's good to know I'm not the only one, who thinks that way... and my mom would make a big deal out of hearing about some partner, she's the gossipy type who really gets interested too much even if I'm having only female friends over :/ (so I rarely invite people)
  5. Nyasagi

    You guys are 24 and think you're old and it's too late? I'm almost 30 and all this dating stuff is a weird thing for me. I tried it only once, with a girl, and I hated it, lmao. I also don't have to try to look pretty when I'm not looking for anyone, I want to eat my unhealthy food and don't waste hours on beauty stuff (maybe I should have been born a man, lmao). When I was younger I used to dream about a relationship until I was in one... doing something I dislike to please the other person is not really fun... it also costs money and requires so much effort and you don't even know if it's worth it in the end. My main concern is whether I'm asexual/aromantic (or both, or maybe I'm actually straight and I don't know it???), or if it's something normal to feel. It's scary to see all these people living in a certain way, while I'm not even sure how it all works and I don't know what I want anymore. Is it also normal that if I were in a relationship I wouldn't like to tell anyone, especially my family? I don't want people's attention on me, it's not something to brag about to others... it's rather private.
  6. Nyasagi

    I went to their concert just out of curiosity and because I missed seeing visual kei bands live, my interest in the band wasn't big... but it surprised me how much fun I had (even if the sound quality in the venue was one of the worst I've ever heard... I actually liked the Voodoo Club and I would love to see more bands taking photos with these fetish things in the bar room XD. But they should REALLY do something about the sound), they really did put effort into it and included things that I've never experienced during visual kei lives: pulling the first rows forward to lay on the edge of the stage for a few seconds (it really helped to rest, even if it was just for a short moment), headbanging while sitting down, teddy bears thrown into the audience. That was really entertaining!
  7. The music part reminds me of Korn (but of course the vocals are different). I really like this song a lot, it sounds like music from my teenage years :D.
  8. Nyasagi

    Just don't use b7klan, after cancelling the tour they kept everyone's money for 3 months before returning it and they aren't trustworthy at all.
  9. Nyasagi

    lol, it's just a tanuki rumor, the source is not legit at all and some of you take it so seriously
  10. Nyasagi

    I think this is the main reason why so many people don't want to have kids nowadays. The man doesn't earn enough to support the whole family, so the woman has to work, as well... and capitalism is just pushing people to work too hard, so they can't even take care of their family well. I also agree with you both about the overpopulation, all these issues are probably caused by this... the planet needs less people and not giving birth is one of the humane methods to make the population smaller, but the society is still influenced by the past, some people don't realize that and just continue their old ways of thinking.
  11. Nyasagi

    I've never wanted to have children, the magical "changing my mind when I'm older" didn't happen. Soon I'll be 30 and still don't want any, I don't even have any desire to be in a romantic relationship, I wish I could just share an apartment with single and childless friends (ideally, nerds and rock music fans ;p) until I die, lol. The whole idea of having to have sex with someone in order to live a normalized, adult life and sharing things together is repulsive to me, as well. I'm not sure if I want to have it, looking at stuff online is ok, but I've never slept with any man and with women it was a bit blah. So, definitely no pregnancy. It grosses me out, as well. It's nothing cute or the reason to be happy, I don't get the whole thing about it. Children are like little aliens to me, I'm the youngest in my family and I've never been around these spawns of Satan for a longer time, I have no instruction manual for them, I can't afford having them, when I'm around one I can be nice and polite, but I would rather prefer my peace. Unfortunately, other people rarely want to accept my opinion and decisions, unless they're around the same age or younger. I still hear things like "you'll change your mind" or "when you're old there will be no one to offer you a glass of water", and my own mother's favorite son is of course the one, who produced a little human pet for her to play with. The other two children didn't give her what she wanted, so they're worth less... :/ I don't discriminate people, who want to have children, they should have them... but in my culture I'm probably seen as an broken human being, because the family values are strong. I'm feeling lost and I don't know how I'll live my life later, I don't want to be alone with everything and misunderstood by everyone... because the older I am the less childless people with fun personalities and interests are around, so many people turn into boring adults with families, it really scares me.
  12. Nyasagi

    It will only work when there are any certain plans. In mine there were promises and nothing besides that.
  13. Really? Try having Venus in Capricorn. THIS is a fucked love life.
  14. Nyasagi

    I really wanted one, then in my experience it was more of a chore than pleasure. I don't know if relationships are worth it if they're so tiring.
  15. Nyasagi

    I have to disagree here. In Poland it's not always Warsaw, the concerts were usually at other big cities (b7 loves that shitty venue in Wrocław where the stage is too low) such as Wrocław, Cracow, Poznań, Gdynia/Gdańsk. I'm personally the most happy with Warsaw, because I live here xD. Travelling to other cities in Poland is cheap by bus (as long as you live in a big city), but for it takes 5-7 hours, so it's annoying, lol. But I only saw German fans complaining about on facebook... we are always happy here when the band doesn't skip our country xD
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