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  1. Rikkusan

    Yoshiatsu decided to stop the band cause he musically did all he wanted with them and he prefers stopping before DADAROMA's name gets dirty.
  2. Rikkusan

    I wonder what will they do next?
  3. Im late, but what do you mean by "the sana situation"?
  4. Rikkusan

    Hello againnnnn sorry that i post such shitty stuff but im just asking things that i don't know about lel So does somebody know the reason why Sana is crying on this live video? I know that this is such a trash question but i got interested when i saw it. Video hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:
  5. Rikkusan

    Oh okay im just stupid lmao
  6. Rikkusan

    So yeah, i was watching UNiTE's japanese wikipedia and i translated it to english cuz i don't speak japanese and it said that Haku would have been in a relationship with UNiTE's former drummer Yukimi. Is this right?? Or am i just a stupid person who doesn't understand english correctly? Here's the link: https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/ユナイト_(バンド)
  7. Rikkusan

    I heard from some random blog that UNiTE's Haku would be brothers with vistlip's bassist Rui and Daizystripper's bassist Rei. Is this true? http://dearforyui.blogspot.com/search/label/ユナイト <----- The blog i found that information from.
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