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  1. Keiyuh

    I gotta go for like a year or maybe never idk it's already gone so deep oh god I just gotta go
  2. Keiyuh

  3. Keiyuh

    Sorry steroids I only get to get angry once a month so I chose this awkward outburst
  4. Keiyuh

    I going to return some videotapes...
  5. Keiyuh

    Ahh putin he holds asads leash while Russia bombs city's I like how they only see the media side of it lmao vodka so funny lmao Russian anthem so funny how about all the supplys they sent to terrorist groups one of them had a fmj stinger others have an 94 fucking Russia
  6. Keiyuh

  7. Keiyuh

    Keep writing mate fly to stay alive I learned that the hard way
  8. Keiyuh

    Neat that is niiiicceeee
  9. Keiyuh

    If you were somehow reanimated your accomplishments and you as a whole would be forgotten even the mournfull words would be taken back I don't about you but in Islamic countries when someone dies and his relatives neighbours etc all gather for the praying ceremony and after the prayers one of the things they ask the crowd is "how well did you know him?" and they always respond "we knew him well" that's a lie that I will never be able to say Philosophers = talk shows
  10. Keiyuh

    Top 5 animu ok 1 - Death note season 1 2 - Monster (only scenes that feature Johan) 3 - [insert generic anime] 4 - [insert generic anime] 5 - Shrek 1 2
  11. Keiyuh

    YO were best friends right? If you're doing this specially for a gurl I can become a gril if you want just show me what you got
  12. Keiyuh

    Ooo Japan was getting crazy way before the invention of tentacle pr0n
  13. Keiyuh

    They both suck dragon ballz
  14. Show me your best melodramatic songs I'll go first
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