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  1. Ashe

    Thank you so much!! ❤️❤️ I recently was finally able to get it all under control, I'm using CeraVe as a moisturizer for my face right now since it's... really bad. the skin texture changed on my eyelids so I feel it's not as soft as it used to be. I'll send one in the coming days, I've gotten so busy at work lately that I'm replying now on my downtime and I'll be heading to bed in a bit ;; I was using Nyx for a little bit, but their' concealer felt too drying so I stopped. I'm using some other one now but I've since finished it. Usually for the lips I try to blend it out with KVD since I have one of her lighter ones, but I stopped using her stuff because, well. lmao. But I used to do a little bit and then super blend into my lips and then set with a little foundation over it. SPF causing eczema? Ugh, I'll have to see if I have that in any of my eye products because the eczema on my eyelids was awful, and around my lips was starting to break out as well. I think It's all under control though since the seasons are now changing by me. I'll attach a photo though to this post in a little bit!
  2. Ashe

    I tend to do vkei looks when I go to J-Fashion nights at a club by me, but I've had trouble with the cut crease and such, I've found myself resorting to an elongated cat eye sort of for it? I'm not sure if that makes any sense. I also have started to not add too much concealer around the lips purely because I'm getting eczema everywhere on my face and I might just need to super moisturize cause this flare up has been around for too long. I've been doing the line across the face lately but I wanna try adding more depth to it, I'll probably sit down w it more.
  3. Ashe

    Really?! I didn't know, thank you for the clarification.
  4. Ashe

    Newest single dropped on streaming services, which is nice cause I'm in love w the title track. It seems that this sound is a little familiar, considering that their last mini-album was the first thing by them that didn't fully impress me. Also, did they switch record labels? Says on the bottom of the single that it's Little Hearts Records now?? They were with Timely for a very long time.
  5. Ashe

    I'm gonna cry. RIP my heart.
  6. They're good boys. I hope no one will fight me. lmao
  7. Welcome back! I'm excited honestly haha. Nah, it's a name I've liked for a little while now and I got tired of my old usernames so I decided now was the time to break out this one :3c Thank you thank you!!
  8. Heya everyone, name's Ashe! I've been on and off of this site for years getting information and just laughing at comments and I figured now was the perfect time to join since there's been so much new stuff. Lately I've been listening a lot to these new bands, I'm really really into ザアザア (fight me), DADAROMA, キズ, and gulu gulu. I started listening back when I found The GazettE with their Filth in the Beauty MV, which was years ago... haha. I don't listen to them as much now? Their newer stuff isn't doing it for me anymore. I'm really excited to see what's up for 2020 in all of this, I think it'll be cool to see how all of these bands improve. It's been fun watching these newer bands improve exponentially with each single, but it's also not always like that, and they fumble sometimes. Usually I like to look at instrumentals in the tracks, I'm really slow with singles and mini albums because I listen to them on loop for a day or so before I formulate my opinion. Either way, thanks for having me! Hope to have fun interacting with you all!
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