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  1. seys

    Maybe not the same exact saying, but it refers to the exact same children's song/game you mentioned in your above post.
  2. seys

    Pretty sure it's in Shokubeni as well.
  3. seys

    Literally no clue what you're talking about lol. The loud part hits just as much, if not more than the breakdown part from that Kuroyume song you posted.
  4. seys

    You're literally wrong
  6. why the fuck are you people complaining about this??
  7. seys

    definitely their best single if the Glorifying Suicide EP doesn't count. keeps getting better with each listen and the ~3:27 part is pure bliss
  8. seys

  9. seys

    it's because eyepatches are cool as fuck
  10. seys

    even without opening the video i can tell that this'll be the unfunniest thing i see this week
  11. seys

    the funny thing is that those aren't by far their most listened songs on spotify, they're just at the top for no reason at all lol
  12. does anyone have any suggestions for easy songs to play with an acoustic guitar?

    i tried playing the intro to dir's vinushka but that was way too hard lol

    1. Manabu


      A few dir en grey songs
      The Final


      Clever Sleazoid


      A lot of antic cafe is fairly easy, kakusei heroism is fun

      LM.c Punky Heart and John are both fairly easy and fun


      They might sound a bit lacking on acoustic guitar but they're good starting points

      Unfortunately it's been a while since I've played guitar so I can't remember many

    2. Himeaimichu


      304 Goshitsu Hakushi no Sakura and Akuro no Oka are also pretty easy

    3. Peace Heavy mk II

      Peace Heavy mk II

      hot cross buns x

  13. seys

    those signatures on the shirt look like cumstains
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