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  1. seys

    There's the 23rd hide memorial event coming up. Though tickets are only for fanclub members afaik.
  2. seys

    Yeah a single announcement (maybe a PV DVD as well) there seems pretty likely. I don't think they'll announce the album yet, I'd say summer the earliest. Though maybe with the pandemic they've gotten ahead of schedule working on it.
  3. seys

  4. seys

    The Ochita blu-ray contents are on jpopsuki, vk, etc. now btw
  5. seys

    this fucks
  6. seys

    insert le gazetto reference
  7. seys

    Probably a single announcement at the event or a few months after, when the single is out it'll be a few months and there'll be an album announcement, at least I'd hope to think so. One of those PV collection DVDs are imminent as well. Also there was supposed to come another big arena Blu-ray package à la Arche at Budokan but those concerts got cancelled.
  8. seys

    You seem to always complain about literally everything they do nowadays lmao
  9. seys

    Is Lets from Damlam the vkei villain of the year?
  10. seys

    @Duwang Just curious, what did the band look like during the lives?
  11. seys

  12. New German interview (English translation at the bottom): https://www.burnyourears.de/interviews/51331-seraph-im-interview.html Pretty much confirmed that there'll be an EU tour in the future.
  13. seys

    I mean, I checked mercari yesterday and most of the listings were sold. More like 10k-20k yen.
  14. seys

    Awh, the start of the teaser made me think mako was coming back or something since he's been... active in these last few months.
  15. seys

    Thanks, those new Sleazoid lyrics seem interesting.
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