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  1. Happy birthday, Cinny Minny :glitter:I hope you enjoy the rest of your special day! 

  2. Total Saikou

    The CG mix and matching is wild. I don't even remember where tf I got the rips from but I ended up with Dai4 having what sounds like Ishii singing 発狂チャネル while every other track is sung by the Hage and also Dai3 with Shuuji Ishii singing 冷たい雨 while every other track is the Hage like wtf even happened there
  3. Total Saikou

    Dreams about your favourite bands are pretty cool! And I just happened to have had a dream that I saw Plastic Tree hold the worst ever concert. would I still stan? the answer is yes One of Kenken's drum sticks went flying and some gya screamed in joy or pain when she realized that it hit her/she got to keep it forever. Akira held a note too long but he played it cool, though Tadashi stopped playing altogether and looked really confused before he kept playing on. Ryutaro tried to keep carrying the song but he looked mildly panicked lmao. The biggest offender was Ryutaro though. Ryutaro kept forgetting the lyrics, mumbling his way through them hoping that his usual speech tic of talking like he's gotta bunch of marbles in his mouth would cover him. When they hit the English part of Gentle.Light.And.Soul he sounded like he was speaking some sorta fucked up dialect of Southern-American spoken through a Chinese accent. He also kept tripping over himself. At one point he just fell down face-up and one of the audience members gave him a head pat while he stared upwards, dead inside. And then he ate a bad parfait with the rest of the gang and couldn't go to the back stage VIP meetings because he was holed up in the bathroom. My dream ended there. God, I wish I could've recorded this dream and shown it here because it was the funniest shit ever.
  4. Total Saikou

    Yeah, the more I think about it, trying to complicate it, I realize that it's as simple as that. It's like you've made a friend, one that may not know you exist (thanks to the internet, I can at least say that a few know of this Saikou^^) but provides you with the joy of someone who you feel understands you or thinks the way you do. They've always got something interesting to say and I'm fond of what makes them unique: just like how I feel about my friends!
  5. Total Saikou

    My pfp is a picture of Ryutaro Arimura of Plastic Tree, specifically his look for the マイム PV. And yes, it was poorly edited by me and I didn't grab this joke pic off of Twitter or something. I've been thinking of changing it recently because I love changing pfps but I just made my cover image a lovely companion to this joke edit so I don't think I can do it anymore. I would've just changed it to another picture of him though lol
  6. Imagine your favourite Eroguro song but 4kids dubbed

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. fruitfork


      No, I don't think I will,

    3. Himeaimichu


      Amano from Guruguru Eigakan already fits the bill for "kidz bop singer"

    4. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      You really didn't have to roast him like that @Himeaimichu

  7. Total Saikou

    I only listen to REAL music ✔️🎵 and I respect the legends! 😤🙌 Kids these days don't know what REAL music is! ❌🤬
  8. Total Saikou

    I always check on MH from my computer, I've actually never used anything else to browse MH. Mostly because my phone is a dinosaur that can't even load YouTube without crashing but I also never use my tablet merely on the basis that when I'm away from my computer, I'm usually trying to stay off my devices and (as the boomers would praise me for) "live in the moment"
  9. Total Saikou

    It's not their best, but it definitely had some slam dunk hits like Self Hate and Kurage which make up for some the draggiest songs on the album (I'd put my vote for Alpha and Aku Justice). I enjoyed Aku quite a bit, 16 songs is a bit much but I'd rather there be a lot to dig into than too little so I liked that. Also that Hazuki song is some of the unintentionally funniest shit I've heard in years, even funnier than actual comedy songs that try so hard to funny. It made my day, quite possibly my week
  10. Total Saikou

    This is just my opinion but it's just okay... Like @LIDL said, it sounds kinda tired and washed out. I can barely get through a few songs, it's just not engaging in the slightest. Like I said earlier, it's nice that Manson isn't trying to be something he's not, but it's a shame that the magic he had all those years ago isn't with him anymore. I was excited for the new album but tbh it was a real let down, that's my final verdict. IDK if it'll grow on me, but usually only music with glaring flaws/so bad it's good elements grow on me, I usually never revisit mediocre stuff because I easily forget about it...
  11. Total Saikou

    Okay so 大義乃唄 fucking slaps I listened to the other 2 songs some more and tbh they really grew on me and kinda slam though?!
  12. Total Saikou

    MALICE MIZER Plastic Tree cali≠gari Guniw Tools The last spot is tricky but I'm gonna give it to an old favourite... LAREINE
  13. Total Saikou

    That trap beat gave me some flashbacks but other than that, not bad!
  14. Total Saikou

    Man, the elements were there but they were put together so sloppily. Fukusan should've straightened out the mixing that drowns him out, maybe done a few more takes because his singing sounds slurry in some parts... And is it just me or is he legitimately off-meter in the first verses?
  15. Total Saikou

    In my case, it’s actually a huge excitement factor. Some faces in the VK scene are so prolific with their involvement that they basically become a seal of quality when their name is attached to a project (like say, Sharaku Kobayashi, Kozi, Shuuji Ishii, etc). When I see that a bandoman who has continuously delivered is going to be part of a new band/side-project, I just know that I’m gonna love it. There's also the "brand new dream team" factor of new bands with old names. I remember when Roman Kyuko formed and I as a fan of both Siblebashir and Sex-Android, was wondering what power-house vocalist Izumi and obscure-style-lover Toru would sound like together (they sound amazing, Toru's love of Rockabilly 'n punk + Izumi voice = perfection). Of course, I get attached to some band members and follow every single one of their side projects/new bands and even their off-stage activities. Some of these guys make the kind of art I want to see in the world and I wanna do everything I can to support that (and them). Plus most of these guys are just interesting people who passionately share their love for art and their personal artistic processes, so it's fun to get to know the people behind the instrument and root for their success because you like them as a person in addition to their musical outputs! It can also be inversely, where I go backwards and check out some old and/or obscure band one of my favs was in it. From humble high school garage bands to subterranean hidden gems to one-time team-ups, going down the band name rabbit hole is something that I think is, as it is, special to the VK scene.
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