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  1. Total Saikou

    People have too much time on their hands, good Christ
  2. Total Saikou

    Me and the three other people who still listen to Ryu's OROCHI weep silently
  3. Total Saikou

    I wanted to talk about this as a reverse take from the CD sorting topic, so I figured it's better to necro than repost. I keep my small/medium-ish CD collection within two separate boxes, one up high on my bookshelf and the other on my floor (because my shelf is out of room for it). Originally, when I was getting into VK around 15, I kept my CDs in this emptied, old Christmas chocolates tin. I only had about like 10 CDs total because I didn't have a job yet and therefore no disposable income. All my VK CDs were gifts from my parents or western ones I bought at the record shop for cheap. After I saved up enough money from my job I began buying some because the collector love had been planted in me. After fleshing out my faves selection and my MM collection, that old tin was dangerously overflowing. The CDs even tipped over and hit me on the head one time (My only Rouage CD nearly took my fucking eye out) which made me realize that I had to upgrade. I noticed a nice, big soft box at my work for sale a few days prior so I decided to go with that one. What an upgrade that was, if CDs could talk I bet they'd thank me for taking them out of that cold old tin and into the cozy soft box. My collection grew slowly until quarantine this year, wherein quarantine spending made my collection triple and get too big for the box. So I bought another, less softer one that was smaller, yet managed to fit more CDs in it, somehow. To point where I could just put all my normal CDs in the small box and all my other VK stuff (books) and awkward shaped CDs (collector boxes, 8cms) into the big one. TL;DR: I put my CDs in a small box on my bookshelf, and my books/collector boxes/8cm singles into a bigger box on the floor. The small box has officially been filled up, and I've transferred the end line of my collection (for clarification, the "end line" of my collection is as designated by my current sorting status, which can shift from being my western CDs, my Kanji artist-name CDs, etc.) into the big box but I wonder what will happen when I manage to fill it up too... I guess it's another box for me! Though I am thinking about investing in a CD rack at this rate.
  4. Total Saikou

    I'm going to try a new sorting format I just thought of for my collection, I will write it here so I don't forget about it later. By release format: Single -> Maxi-single -> EP -> Mini-album -> Original full length studio album -> Best album/Compilations -> Misc. (Gonna throw my Collector Box and 8cms in a separate box, fitting them in with the rest is such a hassle). Order within each category shall be done by artist name, purely phonetically.
  5. Total Saikou

    My new cover image happens to be my desktop background! It's nice to see two of my favourite musicians and greatest inspirations together like this Way more cooler than a sunset background or anything like that, I'd say 😛
  6. Total Saikou

    Well, enough people call me Saikou these days that I actually respond to it, so this would be my VK/band nickname, I think! I'd spell it like サイコー to keep the punny ambiguity between 最高 (best, greatest) and サイコ (psycho, psychopath).
  7. Just found out that one of my blog posts was used as a reference in the J-fash Wiki so I think I can call myself a credible Visual Kei historian now

  8. Bitches who haven't washed their face, brushed their hair, or bathed in a week and using Bath & Body Works body mist to cover up their coochie stank be like "I love Visual Kei!"... Like girl, you're worried about the wrong visuals.

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    2. cheesy_VK_Freak


      There is no problem with dis IMO.

    3. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      I hope bands start getting ad deals with hygiene products, or that y'all at least stay at least 10 ft away from me

    4. fruitfork
  9. Total Saikou

    I just found out today about Lovecraft's cat's name today and... That's all I'm gonna say
  10. Total Saikou

    My favourite phrase is "Why am I still here?". I often say "Did I forget (something) last night?", "Fuck", "Why does my (body part) hurt?" or "Yeah, I'm fine" as well.
  11. Happy birthday! I hope you have lots of fun on your special day!:glitter:

  12. That went from R-Shitei to real-shitty in just a few seconds. Ngl though, I kind of felt it when Mamo said "Water closet now" 🙌😩💞
  13. After reading the message, this doesn't appear to be a threat of disband for a ransom of X amount of Yen, it looks more like them testing the waters under this COVID thing. Some people read this as self-aggrandizing but it looks more like telltale hairline fractures in the band's congruency to me. I don't want to be that guy, but you really can't call this a conditional disband. They never actually threaten doing anything or having any specific goal, it's just "Let's see what happens if we get on stage again". I hope that what happens is Lime realizing that live streaming is the way to go though 🙄
  14. Total Saikou

    It's supposed to be lol ecksdee funny to make fun of a taboo topic (specifically mental health as it's been painfully taboo in western society for a long time now. Even saying the word "therapist" makes boomers instantly recoil in terror as they fear that you are a deranged psychopath or something. However, many mental illness are somewhat common and need treatment such as clinical depression) but tbh a lot of these millennials fail to stick the landing with these jokes. In fact, a lot of them just make this shit up for the meme (usually a garden variety basic white bitch who thinks that she has PTSD from the Starbucks barista writing her name wrong). Ngl Scott nailed that joke though. That being said, I've always found it strange how being yourself is never present on any E-dating sites, other than Christian Mingle and sometimes OK Cupid. It's always some silly, over-the-top joke they stole from Reddit. If anything, these attempts at being "unique" and "quirky" just make them as monotonous as everybody else.
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