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  1. I want kids! So bad!!! ...When I'm older lol I grew up very family oriented and so for the longest time I've always wanted children of my own (one or two, probably one). Not having children was never a thought. The easiest way to explain my thoughts towards this is that I KNOW for certain I want to be a mom. That's my main life goal. I don't know what type of career I want and I have no other true BIG goals besides you know, following Gaze tours. At some point, I just want to be able to settle down and have children. I would babysit my cousins a lot since they were infants so my patience grew a lot and I love them so muchhhh. I want one. lol. Ideally, I'd love to have one of my own biological child and then adopt a second child. Probably adopt an older kid since they're usually the ones who don't get chosen. I hear adoption is super expensive though... I also really want to experience pregnancy??? I know every pregnancy is different and for all I know I could have the worst luck and get a terrible pregnancy....but I'll take that risk. I really want to experience pregnancy and I want to be a mom and raise a kid and give them the best life possible. I've thought about it a lot. I want to be pregnant by 33 but obviously that might not be the case lol My poor friends always deal with me and my baby talk lol
  2. I'm still not over NICOLAS giving us rubber chickens to use during the live since we weren't allowed to shout and member call fsdifhndfda there's a reason i love these men

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Oh, so that's why! A friend of mine who is a huge fan of them and Gossip once said: "they're just a bunch of clowns who play instruments".

    2. solaris05


      @IGM_OficialYup! A replacement for our voices LOL and your friend is correct.  gossip/nicolas are such fucking dorks. They're the only bandmen I'd ever trust lol

  3. solaris05

    Coming from a Cambodian background, I love Cambodian/Thai/Viet food the most. Everything is so delicious and super flavorful. I like Japanese food but not as much at this point because in reality a lot of it is just.......plain. Cambodians season the shit outta everything so I'm used to that since it's what I grew up with. (Hence why my fave Japanese food is okonomiyaki. I drown that shit in mayo and sauce lmao). I saw someone mention Chinese peking duck tho and I loooooooove duck so much. Peking duck or the super greasy roasted duck you get at a local Asian market mmmmmmmm. Fuck. I miss all those foods so much lmao But I will say my comfort dish will always be spicy papaya salad with Cambodian fried chicken and rice and, of course, grandma's eggrolls. Fish sauce, spicy chili salt, balut, duck, sour fruit, durian.... I just...ugh my mouth is watering.
  4. goddd i want to go to a live so bad i'm tempted to risk it with corona and go to a random indie af vk band just to FEEL SOMETHING

  5. i am SO ready to spend all my money on aoi again 🥺 t h a n k y o o o o u u u u u 

  6. I second this. I immediately thought of ZERO glad he's still around but....damn.
  7. it's always entertaining when you witness a possible bandmen and his mitsu on their 'date' lololol

    1. 少女椿


      But in 99% cases they're just a hosts...

    2. solaris05


      @少女椿 even then it's still entertaining lolol this guy did not dress like a host tho and didnt give off host vibes. 

  8. if what i ordered still doesnt work then imma have another mini crisis and give up. PLEASE THIS IS MY LAST HOPE.

  9. i miss saku and his stupid dance moves 😂💓

  10. oh shit. finally listening to SiM's "Devil in Your Head" and i am  a d d i c t e d

  11. i think it's still going to be a longgggg ass time before my bands do lives again so.... highkey might get a new tattoo in august lmao


    nicolas already cancelled the remainder of their summer lives and gazette is obviously not gonna do anything for awhile until it's truly safe to. i wanna put my money somewhere one last time before i gotta save every penny i earn :|

  12. solaris05

    Hahahaha honestly, imma do everything in my power to make both work 😂
  13. solaris05

    I agree that the rate is really high. I've had a lot of friends who turned away from vk and went into kpop or something else. Few eventually returned to vk while the rest didnt. I've wondered about this before too because its sad to see, but meh happens. As for myself, i personally dont like watching full live dvds alone and i've stopped reading interviews a few years ago. I've been a fan for... roughly 11 years now???? Anyway, i want to think i will always be a fan but theres probably??? going to be a time where i have to move on. But in a way i'm already doing that. I dont really bother with much in vk anymore, i only focus on two bands. I know OF a lot of bands but i either dont care or am too busy to bother with it. I feel like this happens in general with a lot of fans overseas and domestic? But just my opinion. I've pulled myself away from a lot of vk fans since i used to always know the drama or be involved in the drama. And imma say its been so damn NICE avoiding all that now and just sticking to a few people. I feel this and just the dark vibes in general might be apart of the turn over rate. While the kpop fandom is bad too, the music is at least more upbeat and if you dont understand korean then youre safe from the lyrics. A lot of good stuff has happened in my years and thankfully i never turned to something else fully. At some point i will have to prioritize vk less (i wanna settle down and have a family) but i'm (hopefully) still going to keep an eye on my two favorite bands.... if....they dont break up..... Usually I leave a certain band after 3-5 years but since I found vk and GazettE I've been stuck ever since. Hopefully i continue to stay even longer. Sorry if my post was hella messy and unorganized lmao
  14. solaris05

    Went from various murder/crime shows -> Try Guys -> readings on Reddit -> yt teaaa -> Aba and Preach 😂 I have no idea what to watch anymore. Nothing is keeping my interest now. Btw if you like the crime stuff, YT channel Female Killers is great. If you don't mind the cheesy reenactment stories lolol
  15. Despite the reasons behind it, my current break from bands have been pretty nice. I still miss GazettE as always, but I'm still transitioning into this new job position. So being able to focus on just that plus Adulting Life in general is a relief in a way lmao noselfcontrolwhenfavebandsareactive

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