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  1. I miss GOSSIP. I'm sure if COVID weren't a thing then I would still be following NICOLAS regularly but it's been hard recently. I'm even deciding to not go to Saku's birthday live (he didn't advertise it as a bday live anyway. Just a normal live....but scheduled on his birthday. As usual. Lmao).


    Like, I would rather save money for GazettE right now... But I was so invested in GOSSIP/NICOLAS.


    Again, there's also covid. But ahhh... Just sucks... GOSSIP was so fun. NICOLAS is fun too, but it isn't the same sort of trash I originally signed up for. But they WERE just a backup for when Gaze was inactive. 


    Forgive me my indie babies. Y'all lost so many fans recently rip. At least they're still being supported by some.

    1. Himeaimichu


      They might be going back to that early 2000s sound. Their new single has a rerecording of a JyuLie song

    2. solaris05
  2. I'm still not over NICOLAS giving us rubber chickens to use during the live since we weren't allowed to shout and member call fsdifhndfda there's a reason i love these men

    1. IGM_Oficial


      Oh, so that's why! A friend of mine who is a huge fan of them and Gossip once said: "they're just a bunch of clowns who play instruments".

    2. solaris05


      @IGM_OficialYup! A replacement for our voices LOL and your friend is correct.  gossip/nicolas are such fucking dorks. They're the only bandmen I'd ever trust lol

  3. goddd i want to go to a live so bad i'm tempted to risk it with corona and go to a random indie af vk band just to FEEL SOMETHING

  4. i am SO ready to spend all my money on aoi again 🥺 t h a n k y o o o o u u u u u 

  5. it's always entertaining when you witness a possible bandmen and his mitsu on their 'date' lololol

    1. 少女椿


      But in 99% cases they're just a hosts...

    2. solaris05


      @少女椿 even then it's still entertaining lolol this guy did not dress like a host tho and didnt give off host vibes. 

  6. if what i ordered still doesnt work then imma have another mini crisis and give up. PLEASE THIS IS MY LAST HOPE.

  7. i miss saku and his stupid dance moves 😂💓

  8. oh shit. finally listening to SiM's "Devil in Your Head" and i am  a d d i c t e d

  9. i think it's still going to be a longgggg ass time before my bands do lives again so.... highkey might get a new tattoo in august lmao


    nicolas already cancelled the remainder of their summer lives and gazette is obviously not gonna do anything for awhile until it's truly safe to. i wanna put my money somewhere one last time before i gotta save every penny i earn :|

  10. Despite the reasons behind it, my current break from bands have been pretty nice. I still miss GazettE as always, but I'm still transitioning into this new job position. So being able to focus on just that plus Adulting Life in general is a relief in a way lmao noselfcontrolwhenfavebandsareactive

  11.  i wish i could see the future to know when my next live will be so i know whether or not i can put money into my next tattoo. i'm ready to sweat over ticket hatsu/lotteries and ensei again 😞✌️ and dont get me started on post-live drinks

  12. Gotta head out tomorrow to search for a birthday gift. Dunno wtf to get though 😧 i have just one idea but if that doesnt work then i'll just buy donuts lmao i shouldve gone shopping today since i was already out but oh well. Thought of it too late and got too tired. 

  13. sooo mamireta is now on hiatus. break up? hiatus? not making a topic post because i can't translate the post they made. but we all know what a hiatus ends up as anyway. members included their messages already too https://mamireta.com/contents/322233  theyre gonna hold a 3 day live at the beginning of sept before leaving

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    2. solaris05


      @Jigsaw9 the magic words

    3. Karma’s Hat

      Karma’s Hat

      Idk about sales or attendance but musically they were beyond washed up

    4. solaris05


      @Disposable thats unfortunate. i only listen to one song so i wouldnt know LOL they had enough fans at lives, but their fans are terrible at lives tbh

  14. watching the NICOLAS dvd. i forgot it was our first time hearing the new songs so we aren't doing furi yet and are just standing there. but i immediately spot where me and my friends are and i'm fucking dying 😂

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    2. IGM_Oficial


      Oh, so you mean you bought it. I'm so relieved now.

    3. solaris05


       @IGM_Oficial yes! i watched the actual dvd XD theres still a week so you're good! 

    4. IGM_Oficial


      Yes, I just checked the tweet. Thanks for the reminder!

  15. I can't believe nicolas is going to livestream their new dvd after just releasing it on sale... and it isn't even sold out on the website :(( I mean, this is super sweet of them to do and hopefully they can get a bunch of donations during the stream. I think this time I should have money to donate because last time I didn't :(( I miss them and I still feel so bad. They released a new album and then corona happened so they didn't get to perform for their new tour at alllll. And they were going to a bunch of people's hometowns and shit to play these tiny af venues (ok majority of vk venues are small but you get it).  If we're lucky, the final in July can continue but it's too early to say.


    TLDR: i miss nicolas, i feel bad they couldnt tour, pls watch their live steam and donate if you can 

  16. Fuuuuuuuuuck Takuya cried so much 😭

  17. i'm so ready to go back to woooork. imma have 0 money when gazette gets active again.

  18. sighroigflk if takuya wasn't leaving i'd buy merch but :((( there's no point now for me especially since they're just my side boys. gotta save for rent and gaze... i did buy the new single tho

  19. trying to plan a vacation during golden week for '21 or '22 might be a mistaaaake lmao

  20. sooo if any gazette fans wanna join a fan project, theres a post on my twitter @ dimskies 🤧

  21. bro i finally bought a box of popsicles from the store and....they're tiny omg i should've just bought a bunch of regular sized popsicles from the konbini oeifnsdljfs tf

  22. thanks to natsu's IG live with kai, i'm so excited for what gazette will do now. but my excitement will die down fast because this covid-19 situation is gonna take awhile to calm down aaaaaaaaaa

  23. I have an instore at the end of May but high chance it's gonna get cancelled 😭

  24. oh my fuck... takuya and makoto are leaving RANDS, so it's just going to be karma.... apparently takuya is sick and he can't continue band activities..... i... i'm sad and surprised at the sudden announcement but i also hope taku will be okay

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    2. solaris05


      @nekkichi i dont think its the new lie. bandmen have alwaaaays been saying they're ill in order to leave. but we wont really know unless he decides to put out more details or we wait for his new band announcement

    3. nekkichi



      they temporarily changed the fad for like caring for grandmamas etc or losing the passion for music (with an obligatory unretirement a decade ltr)


      I want them to either restart w. a better concept or Karma to go solo, I like her but I really dislike rands for the most part.

    4. solaris05


      @nekkichi that's true. now it's 'i'm sick' or they disappear for a week and avoid their bandmates before officially leaving the band and idk which is worse lmao


      it'd be great if they could! or even just karma going solo. i just recently got into rands but i surprisingly liked them a lot. i just want takuya to at least form a new band so i can follow him when i have nothing else to do 😩

  25. im an idiot and didnt double check the forms i filled out before submitting them...aka... i wrote my birth date instead of today's date for a government form i'm- 😭 THINGS NOT TO DO AT 4AM

    edit: they just emailed me about it and allowed me to fix it and resubmit LOL bless

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