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  1. This definitely sounds like what I think of as being a brutal orchestra, awesome.
  2. MorteSilenz

    I liked it, definitely not their best though. The Purge was my favorite on it by far. I like that their was a consistent atmosphere throughout the album that wasn't disrupted by any of the songs which I felt like happened in their previous releases.
  3. MorteSilenz

    Same, I love all their songs as well as the songs from Gore as well. A while back I was a bit worried cause I felt like their songs were sounding too similar to each other but they've definitely worked on that and it's nice to see the vocalist try new things in some of their newer songs.
  4. MorteSilenz

    I know how you feel, I'm going crazy waiting for the remaining singles to become available.
  5. MorteSilenz

    That's cool, I always liked to include them in visual kei playlists anyway for some reason to me they always seemed like they should be vk.
  6. MorteSilenz

    Not in any order if they had to be in order I could never decide I could barely narrow it down to 10 but they would have to be: 1. Astaroth 2. Deviloof 3. Dexcore 4. Dimlim 5. Dir En Grey 6. Doku/Gore 7. Insanity Injection 8. llll-Ligro- 9. Madmans Esprit 10. Nazare
  7. MorteSilenz

    I'm listening to it now and find it very enjoyable, although they are one of my favorite bands. For whatever reason I just really love the sound/atmosphere of their music the only other band that sounds similar (at least to me) is early DIMLIM, which I also love, but I feel like Nazare took early DIMLIM's sound and altered it in a way I actually enjoy more. I dunno I just really love the electronic and disjointed sound they have.
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