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  1. fruitfork

    Wtf is with bandmen going ghost instead of letting them know they quit, I didn't really care before but it's just so... embarrassing and honestly kind of depressing to see the other members having to post this shit when they clearly want to continue making music
  2. fruitfork

    Watanuki Miyuki 😇
  3. fruitfork

    I vote for Merry Go Round because I remember it clearly
  4. fruitfork

    This is very fan-girly of me but of course band histories influence who I choose to lisen to... I get fixated on certain members, so if I really really like that member sometimes I will listen to trash or go out of my way to find rare stuff no one cares about just because I care about who made it/was a part of making it. I think this is how I find most of the one off bands.
  5. Ai always writes about cherry blossoms and this song topic goes back all the way to memento mori? There was that ballad about them in ktk. plus he tweets about them from time to time. I hear any lyrics about his birthday/blossoms and I know I'm about to start tearing up. Kinda wish I knew what happened to the guy

  6. HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!!!!!:3

    1. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      Thank you so much 😭

  7. fruitfork

    It's called being Japanese
  8. fruitfork

    I start school this winter and can't help but be really nervous, not really cus of covid, I would've been taking online classes anyway, it mostly has to do with my ability to do well. I won't let my brain scare me away but it's hard just to get out bed most days, and that's especially been the case this year. There's just a lot going on and I hope school with work and all this other shit won't take too much of a toll on my mental health. I generally manage my anxiety quite well but when it comes to stuff like this.. thinking about the future... it gets me super neurotic .. I know that's normal for anyone around my age but I just want to be prepared. I think I'll be okay and that I can handle it, just need to stop ruminating on these catastrophes I've made up in my brain.
  9. fruitfork

    Late!! But I'm bored and feel like doing this. I'll just say fuck it and go with whatever comes to mind.. Madeth Gray'll - Lucifer Madeth Gray'll - 劇薬 Mercuro - 弐.××的自慰癖過剰 黒夢 - 浮遊悲 Aliene Maφriage - 『虐』 ~呪ワレタオルゴ-ルノ中デ~
  10. fruitfork

    I have a lot. I really enjoy vids with live footage in them or a different recording of the song, more a reason to binge PVs on youtube... I'm a big proponent of the old schools ones!! This PV never fails to get me emotional. I think Nawa's one of those songs I can listen to on repeat and never get sick of.. Best song by the best band evar. Kiyoharu's expressions are kind of ridiculous here which makes this my favorite PV by them. Random tambourine + 90s flowing cloth backdrop + licking lips one too many times + seductive looks into the camera Jakura's kind of a recent find for me, the early 2000's vibes are strong in this one. Sooo good. 1:10 .... chills
  11. fruitfork

    My best wishes to Genki. I hope he's doing okay mentally. Remaining hopeful he might come back to his roots for... something.. anything. I miss his screams. As for Koichi as much as I loved his stage presence as a bassist I doubt he'll do anything vk related again. He seemed to have fun with this duo project and now he has his solo. RIP the 8PSB train
  12. I managed a way to let my cactus and both my succulents die.. so I think that says enough about me and my so called "green thumb" lol... I gave them sunlight, made sure not to over water (drained the pots often). Bought succulent food for them.. but nope, even though they were hardy plants.. I'll try again someday when I get my own place. I really enjoy plants.
  13. fruitfork

    I think he's tried his best to prevent aging since he was pretty young which has helped tremendously down the line. Japanese people in general are like that. He's also a vampire too, so there's that. Does anyone know if Mana was a smoker at some point? Can't recall.
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