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  1. potpourri

    Hirasawa Susumu 🤘😩👊
  2. potpourri

    Favorite songs at the moment: Cuartet-SEXUALITY 苺69-15白書 ヴィドール-ヒロイン 黒百合と影-ぺど Shiver-Psychodissection
  3. falling down the vtuber rabbithole

  4. potpourri

    愛狂います。 −真天地開闢集団−ジグザグ DIMLIM 平沢進/P-MODEL/MANDRAKE SUMMONING
  5. potpourri

    Monster, Versailles no bara, Psycho-pass S1, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind, Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan other mentions: Genshiken, Hinamatsuri, Asobi Asobase, Kimi to boku, Sakamoto desu ga, Mitsudomoe, B-Gata H-Kei, Nichijou, Chio-chan no tsuugakuro, Dororo, Tanaka-kun wa itsumo kedaruge, Gakuen Babysitters, Handa-kun, Osomatsu-san, Kakushigoto i like silly SoL anime
  6. potpourri

    愛狂います。, DIMLIM, ジグザグ, アルケミ, 甘い暴力, DEZERT, DIR EN GREY, ヴァルナ, 黒百合と影, 9GBO. non-vk: 凛として時雨, P-MODEL, SUMMONING.
  7. listened to cali gari for the first time and liked it a lot (ママが僕を捨ててパパが僕をおかした日). any recommendations or should i just listen to their entire discography in chronological order?

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    2. Total Saikou

      Total Saikou

      What Tok and Jig said is great advice, if I can put in my own favs I'd recommend the "Good bye" compilation album  because it's got some of their best A-sides on it, and some great B-sides too. It's a good cali≠gari sampler imo, covers a decent breadth of their works so you can get an overall taste of what the boyz put out. Bluefilm (the whole mini album) absolutely blew me out of the water when I first listened to it front to back, so I'd recommend it too.

    3. potpourri


      thank you !!!! ✨🤩

    4. AnchuAnchor


      World of Cali Gari (Cali≠Gariの世界) is a great album to get you started

  8. got istp the last time i took john's personality test
  9. potpourri

    愛狂います。- 独色マーヴル。 DIMLIM - 離人 マチルダ - ダビ二フス 黒百合と影 - うろんなチョコ冷凍。 gulu gulu - 首輪教育のすすめ Honorable mentions: アルケミ - 天上天下、Laputa - eve ~Last night for you~、ヴァルナ - Promise、SHAZNA - すみれ September Love
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