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  1. z.ghart

    Attended their one man gig in 2016(Warsaw, Poland) already being a huge fan. Went through some stuff having Fascinating Violence as a first choice in my mp3 player. I've traveled from another country to see them and had high expectations. They gave me even more. Small but nice venue. Not a lot of visitors of course, but in the end all of them showed some dedication during the performance. They are great musicians and performers, so there is no need to say that everything went awesome. Mosh wasn't that intense, but was a good addition to the powerful dm riffs and fast mad shredding. Also was great to catch Shuji's wristband and receive a pick from Ryoji who gave it to me directly (and special thanks to Stacy for giving some more cool things at after-party 😻). They turned out to be super rad, humble, down-to-earth and absolutely comfortable with chatting and drinking with those who stayed after the concert. Even gave some pizza to us. Remember that it was goddamn difficult for manager to take them away from fans because it's obvious that Gyze is exactly that type of the band that do care about "their" ppl Unforgettable experience. Great band that I will support till the last day. Only adoration and respect to them. P.s.: wish Shuji will fix everything with his health and come back stronger than before. Just the finest dude to drink with.
  2. Single-realising strategy is faaaaar more profitable than dropping albums. As a committed follower of album conception I hate to admit it, but that is how it works.
  3. z.ghart

    I'm one of those few guys who don't put equality between Darrell and Deathgaze. I mean I love Darrell so much(and last cd with covers as well), but that old lineup will always have a very special place in my heart. If they will follow 12012 way and someday reunite with bringing both Takaki and Naoto(gt.) back that must be one of the coolest things ever.
  4. z.ghart

    First 12012 and now ClearVeil. Give me Deathgaze and I can die being completely happy.
  5. z.ghart

    Just as I thought. So in Poland it's inaccessible.
  6. z.ghart

    As for me it's the best one in 10 years. Weaker than some early albums, weaker than some albums before Karma(including). But in general one of the coolest in their discography. When Justice MV came out I immediately fell in love with it. It's solid 9 out of 10 for me.
  7. z.ghart

    Am I the only one who cannot find -OZ- and Deluhi on Spotify? They were mentioned here few times.
  8. z.ghart

    For me it's just different musically in so many ways. I mean yes, they changed style to more extreme one(that's obvious). And in jrock fandom this always causes comparison with diru, rarely with some exceptions. Of course there are bands like Sadie who doesn't even try to hide their source of inspiration, let's call it like that. But I'm hearing it about every band that going into heavier stuff. Maybe I'm wrong and simply to much in love with 12012 self-titled album and later releases Cheers.
  9. z.ghart

    It was nothing like diru. Not even close.
  10. z.ghart

    Your comment is extremely insulting, especially considering that their last stuff was pure gold.
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