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  1. rekzer

    Niceee Do they have any live dvds?
  2. rekzer

    man this single was pure garbage. this bands needs to call it quits already
  3. rekzer

    they added the ranunculus instrumentals they've used in live shows to spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1rwgPBR9UP523LS4m3P1aT?si=iCZ1nLIgQ4ShkaXN9qtuEg im so confused as to why they split it in so many parts
  4. rekzer

    well that sounds horrendous
  5. rekzer

    Fathers is the first song I enjoy from this album. It comes out tomorrow so we'll see
  6. rekzer

    Man this albums is sounding more like shit every time they release a new song So disappointing
  7. rekzer

    even if this album ever comes out. will anyone even like it? It will probably include everything they've done since they got back together so: - I.V. - Jade - Scarlet Love Song - Born to be Free - La Venus - That other song they played in the UK gig - Tears English ver - Hero none of these have been particularly good and ToshI can barely sing these days so they should really save themselves the embarrassment and just not release it
  8. rekzer

    the new album release date is now 6.17. they have finally added more of their discography to spotify including the Silence iz Mine album which i've never been able to find a working link for. they have also cancelled their DeadPop festival due to the pandemic They will be selling some (all?) of their upcoming cancelled (postponed) tour merch online at https://collectivejp.com/
  9. rekzer

    do they specify which songs from the encore? I would love to have Obliterator on it
  10. rekzer

    i hope they do another live dvd before calling it quits. and with no annoying unnecessary censoring. where did the DAY BY DAY video go? edit: i could've swore i saw it on this thread before
  11. rekzer

    According to Google they take away 5% from each donation and there is also a transaction fee that varies by country
  12. rekzer

    Thank you! I hope you are able to find subs for them. And i can wait for the live. It was at 6am here and i was half asleep so i didnt enjoyed it as much as i would've liked.
  13. rekzer

    Im just sad Obliterator is not included as its one of my favorites. But honestly im just happy the tracklist is more than 5 songs this time
  14. rekzer

    i think they said they will not come back
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