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  1. Regular edition (3000yen) will include CD (7 songs) Deluxe Fanclub-limited edition (12000yen) will include 2 CD (album and live album), Blu-ray, 32-page booklet and special package [Blu-ray tracklist] SE. 革命開花-epilogue- 01. 革命開花-Revolutionary Blooming- 02. 闇ニ散ル桜 03. RAINBOW 04. ASYLUM 05. CYAN 06. MEMENTO 07. 九龍-NINE HEADS RODEO SHOW- 08. TESTAMENT 09. Waterfall 10. Everlasting from 2020.07.05 LINE CUBE SHIBUYA (渋谷公会堂) ONEMAN TOUR 2020「不夜城逃避行」~TOUR FINAL & 将生誕祭~ ・「MANDALA」Music Video ・「MANDALA」Music Video (Show Feature Movie) ・「MANDALA」Music Video (Hiroto Feature Movie) ・「MANDALA」Music Video (Tora Feature Movie) ・「MANDALA」Music Video (Saga Feature Movie) ・「MANDALA」Music Video (Nao Feature Movie) ・「TESTAMENT」Music Video (from 9th Album”不夜城エデン”) ・「CYAN」Music Video (from 9th Album”不夜城エデン”)
  2. [tracklist] 1.火花 2.シネキエロカス 3.for you
  3. "晴天に吠える。" has been released at 2020/09/16
  4. 石月努 (Tsutomu Ishizuki) (FANATIC◇CIRCUS) new album "WORLD's END" will be released at 2020/09/19 (CD+M-CARD, 4500yen) [tracklist] 1.w.e. 2.されど無形。 3.サーカスサーカス 4.番号待ち。 5.睡蓮 6.夢煩い 7.白昼夢 8.虹色ノ涙。 9.WORLD’s END 10.エンドロール 11.あした、会おう。
  5. JILL-PRINCE new digital single "Winter's Memory" will be released at 2020/11/01
  6. Shaolan974

    RENAME new album "Instinct" will be released at 2020/11/04 (2800yen)
  7. Develop One's Faculties new maxi-single "ヒューマノイド" (Humanoid) will be released at 2020/09/23 (3 songs, 1650yen) [tracklist] 01. ねえ (Nee) 02. Virus 03. kernel
  8. J (LUNA SEA) new single "MY HEAVEN / A Thousand Dreams" has been released at 2020/08/12 through his official webshop (2 songs, 1300yen) [tracklist] 01. MY HEAVEN 02. A Thousand Dreams His solo acoustic project "Dessert Flame Frequency" (D.F.F) has formed and his oneman has been held at 2020/09/13 at Shibuya PLEASURE PLEASURE [setlist] 1 time of gold 2 BURN OUT 3 Suicide Dream 4 Twisted dreams 5 Go with the Devil 6 Ghost 7 LIE-LIE-LIE 8 Death Valley 9 SONG OF ETERNITY 10 Blank 11 CHAMPAGNE GOLD SUPER MARKET 12 PYROMANIA 13 Endless sky [EN] 1 ACROSS THE NIGHT 2 Feel Your Blaze
  9. Leetspeak monsters new maxi-single "Samhain" will be released at 2020/10/28 (2 types) Limited edition (1900yen) will include CD (3 songs) and DVD including "Samhain" PV Regular edition (1500yen) will include CD (3 songs) Individual look
  10. RAZOR new maxi-single "眠れぬアステカ" (Nemurenu Aztec) will be released at 2020/11/04 (2 types) TYPE A (1980yen) will incude CD and DVD TYPE B (1650yen) will include CD only
  11. THE DEAD P☆P STARS new DVD "ストリーム" (Stream) will be released at 2020/09/16 (3300yen) it wil include PV, interview, etc
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