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  1. Shaolan974

    KAKUMAY new look has been revealed
  2. Plastic Tree new Blu-ray "Plastic Tree Symphonic Concert 【Act Ⅱ】at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA" will be released at 2021/03 it will include scenes of their symphonic oneman live at 2020/11/17 at LINE CUNE SHIBUYA (Blu-ray + 2CD + photobook, 12800yen) Setlist : • 眠れる森 • リプレイ • 蒼い鳥 • ガーベラ • まひるの月 • ツメタイヒカリ • アンドロメタモルフォーゼ • 幻燈機械 • メルト • 春咲センチメンタル • 真っ赤な糸 • バリア • 「雪蛍」 • 雨ニ唄エバ EN スピカ
  3. 準子 (Junko) new single "2ndCD" will be released at 2020/11/30 [tracklist] 1. ヤング 2. アンチ 3. カロエ 4. レベチ
  4. Shaolan974

    quite cool !
  5. Shaolan974

    New band "Nero Chronicle" has formed Members are still unknown They will start their activites at 2020/11/15 https://twitter.com/nero_chronicle
  6. Shaolan974

    their new digital single "RISING SUN" will be released at 2020/11/18 (1500yen) [tracklist] 01. RISING SUN 02. RISING SUN(KARAOKE ver.) http://visunavi-wp.appmlj.com/wp-content/uploads/RISING_SUN_mein_img1-300x300.jpg http://visunavi-wp.appmlj.com/wp-content/uploads/ACME_RISING-SUN-Main-Photo.jpg
  7. gives new maxi-single "夜泣き言" (Yoru Nakigoto) will be released at 2020/12/02 (2 songs, 1650yen) [tracklist] 01. 夜泣き言 (Yoru Nakigoto) 02. 出来損ない (Dekisokonai)
  8. release date of their mini-album "アマヤドリ" (Amayadori)(Re:arrange side) has been changed to 2020/11/23 (2750yen)
  9. Shaolan974

    I thought it was a classic Christmas song but.. hell no ! cool song
  10. New band "死んだパンダ噛んだズ" (Shinda Panda Kandazu) has formend at 2020/03 [members] Vo&Gt.yuichi abe(ex.the butterfly nine cord、April in 85) Gt.o-yoh(ex.メスメリアン、ex.P:D) Ba.2121(ex.Chronosphere、ex.P:D) Dr.yas(ex.メスメリアン、ex.the butterfly nine cord) https://twitter.com/spkz_official their 1st CD "白より黒いオルタナティブ" (Shiro yoi Kuroi Alternative) will be released at 2021/01/20 (2530yen) it will be produced by KENZI (THE DEAD P☆P STARS)
  11. DEZERT new digital single "Your Song" will be released at 2020/11/16 https://lnk.to/DEZERT
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