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  1. Replicant

    Congrats on the 10 years. I don't remember how I found this place; all I know I joined in the beginning or nearly the beginning. Probably through Tonberry back when I went under a different name. I've always lurked, sometimes posted. Never really left. I may not remember everything that's happened in the 10 years that have passed, but I've been here long enough to say that this place is something special, and it doesn't feel like 10 years have passed at all.
  2. Got back into anime pretty hard recently thanks to various factors. This is also why I signed up for MyAnimeList recently, to keep track of what I've watched, since I went on a huge DBZ nostalgia binge. Haven't read manga in a while, but I have a small collection of books that I'd like to expand on. I may start going partially digital for manga... but buy the books of things I really love if I can find them.
  3. Replicant

    Just started using it since I started watching anime again regularly. Re-pli-cant@MAL
  4. Replicant

    I'm on the Steam group for M-H as Suien. Beyond that... I don't use the others often enough.
  5. I don't pay attention to positioning since I move a lot in my sleep. Probably either starfish, soldier or yearner since those seem like positions I start out with when I try to sleep.
  6. Replicant

    11 Acts of Service 8 Quality Time 7 Words of Affirmation 2 Physical Touch 2 Receiving Gifts Pretty spot on. I can't stand being touched for the most part; I'm really flinchy about being touched. Gifts are hit or miss.
  7. Replicant

    Back when Tonberry Torrents was alive. I ran around under a different alias.
  8. Replicant

    I forgot all about this program; they did a huge upgrade! I may start using it a bit more often to share things I haven't (read: forgot to) uploaded here yet.
  9. Replicant

    I have some new ones to add: maddening potato Sugizo & The Spank Your Juice (c・A・t)<world (classic around toy world) Rose Smell Mode
  10. Replicant

    They also uploaded it to their Facebook for those who are region restricted on YouTube. https://www.facebook.com/ziyoouvachiofficial/videos/vb.205340329587597/742768705844754/?type=1&theater
  11. My mom doesn't seem to particularly notice or care, unless she hears something she enjoys (which is really rare - visual kei or not). She's not super keen into music. She'll ask about it when I get CDs, but beyond that, nothing. Brother doesn't care too much, either. Unless he hears something he likes, he won't pay attention to it. Difference being he actually enjoys music and has knowledge about musical stuff. For both, I don't think they have even seen the look, just heard the music. If they have they don't particularly care or have never mentioned it. Edit: went with the last option, since there is no "neutral" option.
  12. Combination of options 3 and 4, chose 3 on the poll. If something is tagged wrong, I'll delete it, but beyond that, there's no point because my tastes change so often.
  13. Replicant

    Going with "What I have physically" vs "What I have on my PC". I'd have to sift through far too much stuff otherwise. What I own physically: Oldest: 1991: nomeansno - Sex Mad / You Kill Me (I don't know where this came from but it's in my CD collection? *shrug*) Newest: 2015.01.14: Kenshi Yonezu - Flowerwall What I have on PC: Oldest: 1979: P-MODEL - IN A MODEL ROOM Newest: 2015.03.25: Ziyoou-vachi - Kirei
  14. Some days I can wake up early just fine, some (most) days I'm more alert later on in the day and at night. It really depends on how much sleep I've had and my mood. Thus why I went with the third option. I hope to get it straightened out (or at least more stable) in the near future, because this is (part of a) problem to me.
  15. That sounds cool. I'd love to see it. As for the Ruritama stuff, I will be uploading it all as a discography very soon (next couple days or so). I want to post it with my own scans of the tapes, because for one of the tapes the pictures are radically different (the other it's just the main picture). I might not be able to right away, but I do have scans of the CD, so that's something! I'm always down to post the rips what I buy as long as it's asked for, for anyone interested.
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