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    did you know that even with seatbelts people die all the time in
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  1. Tokage

    Wow i haven't been active on here in awhile. Just coming out of hibernation & dropping by to say that by sheer accident I happened to find out that the rip of the Outo/Oyasuminasai demotape that's been making the rounds online for all these years is FAKE! I stumbled upon YT uploads of the two tracks and these versions sound completely different from the Dai 2 tape versions - both have the trademark Ao Keyboards and Outo has some kind of sax or other tooting instrument in it. Wild.
  2. Tokage

    baby ao best ao. i can't believe there's like 5 versions of kinjiki at this point.... slightly excessive....
  3. Tokage

    now rank the hatsukoi chuudokus you cowards makoto version >>>>>>>>>>>>> the other three
  4. Tokage

    俺は怒ってる sounds like spyro bgm and virgin poisoning sounds like sex machineguns lmao
  5. it's literally on spotify lmao
  6. Tokage

    because VK is also for children : )
  7. Tokage

    how about boku boku?
  8. Tokage

    rank the hits: cali+gari cali-gari cali÷gari calixgari
  9. Tokage

    i got some content delivered yesterday as well... too lazy to take pics so you'll have to imagine the cover art yourself Plastic Tree Hide and Seek Puppet Show トレモロ ツメタイヒカリ スライド. Parade ロケット プラネタリウム 蒼い鳥 cali≠gari 第6実験室 ‎ 第2実験室 改訂版 舌先3分サイズ 青春狂騒曲 (that bonus minidisc that came with the Good Bye compilation) mothercoat Patchwork shiki special thank to @anakuro..............
  10. Tokage

    ray charles
  11. Tokage

    oto sex 2020 is gonna be field recordings of shuuji screaming while his masseur is cracking his back
  12. the fact is that all of their remakes are better than their original versions and i will give irrefutable proof that you just can not compete with right here: a) more modern recording quality. cutting edge modern editing & recording techinques used by the creme de la creme of western metal and japanese metal alike b) deeper voice. kyo's screams have never sounded better. he is the japanese mike patton and he DESERVES to show it off because other bands can't compete with that twisted madness c) old songs are too visual kei. there i said it. you may not like it but its true: now finally these songs are dope enough to actually listen to with your friends who listen to real metal because there are CRAZY riffs and hardcore vocals that don't sound visual kei d) more poetic lyrics. compare the lyrics for the original tsumi to batsu to the lyrics of tsumi to kisei? yeah.... enough said i think. don't need to elaborate e) they play them live. honestly - compare the amount of times the band has played the original versions of these songs live after the remakes came out to the amount of times they've played the new versions live. it's obvious even the band KNOWS that these remakes are doper. better. and also more intense & that's why they play them live just my opinion... i dont know why you guys insist on doubting these guys. they gave us sustain the untruth ffs!
  13. Tokage

    Music videos as an art form peaked with these two PVs right here. Nothing else whatsoever that came after them can ever possibly compare 2:48 is the moment when i finally feel no pain at all when will black metal and visual kei """""musicians""""" EVER get on this level? i connect on a spiritual level to the dude casually eating soft-serve ice cream in a tree
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