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  1. king of designer tea sets and premium fortnite skins
  2. o u o keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes this'll end up sounding shoegazy (or at the very least COTD-esque)
  3. Tokage

    It was announced like two or three months ago. Something about Ryo being too physically and mentally drained to go on with music for the time being if I remember correctly.
  4. Tokage

    Would be better if the entire band followed suit and retired too at this point 2bh
  5. Tokage

    Some recent discoveries: NEMU These guys seem to draw from a whole bunch of different sounds. There's elements of post-hardcore here, but also a bit of a post-punk tinge, as well as occasional elements that seem more in line with dream pop/shoegaze. Cool stuff that unfortunately seems to be flying under the radar - deserves to be known IMO. ユウレカ Another band serving up an interesting blend of genres. Their music contains elements of 90s post-hardcore/math rock/nu-metal. If I had to describe this to someone elevator pitch style I'd say "Imagine a 90s alt-metal take on downy". I dig it. STRAM @Jigsaw9actually alerted me to this band's existence. A bunch of their songs very strongly remind me of what I imagine Lillies and Remains would sound like if they had a bit more crunch to them. Recommended for those who like their music gloomy Ailiph Doepa Basically fits that niche of bands like Maximum the Hormone / System of a Down and such. Weird and quirky mish-mash of alt-metal with a bunch of other stuff. Still not entirely on board with this myself musically but I'm a big fan of this PV because it's fucking goofy.
  6. which is still like 25000+ yen for 3 tapes
  7. If THIS is worth $350 then Dir en grey's latest single must've been worth like $5 I mean I like the samples. They're good... but they're not 300 dollars-good lol let's be real here
  8. Fuck them, I hope they fail to reach their goal and end up disbanding. I have zero respect and zero tolerance left for bands pulling the conditional disbandment card.
  9. Tokage

    say what you want - even with the absolute scraps they've been feeding the fans they've still somehow managed to do more during the pandemic than THE GODZETTE
  10. a 100% flawlessly rendered 3d model of your favorite japanese jrocker duking it out with an absolutely AWFULLY rendered version of himself tekken 3 style

    1. AnchuAnchor


      We demand pics


  11. Tokage

    borders only exist in ur mind x
  12. Tokage

  13. wow wtf i didn't even apply and i still got in????
  14. Tokage

    Not one, not two, but THREE new demotapes dropping sometime very soon apparently ( one of which is Valentina.... nice )
  15. sukekiyo dropped/soon dropping 3 new demotapes apparently 😮 

    1. Mamo
    2. futoshi92


      I think Infinitum was overall great, despite it's flaws. Wonder if they gonna continue with that direction or start with something new

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