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  1. Love how Karma transitions through all stages of Kiyoharu's career. Looks like we are now stuck with SADS.
  2. Black=Right

    Secretly wishing for Hisui (ex-Madeth Gray'll / Schwardix) to be part of it. One can still have questionable, unfulfillable wishes.
  3. Black=Right

    That has to be the most creative thing Yoshiki has done in years ... a true artist at work
  4. Black=Right

    The bassist looks like Futaba ... at least with the amount of tattoos on his arms. Drummer could be Kei, also ex-Balaika, with his short hair. Nevertheless the guitarist cracks me the most up
  5. Black=Right

    No, just no
  6. Black=Right

    This whole thing ❤️
  7. Black=Right

    I'm loving the Gallo for also using SevenEleven as a Hastag
  8. Black=Right

    Isn't Keios Entertainment the label of that Swedish VK guy?
  9. The PV reminds me a lot of Kagerou's Idol PV ! Awesome job !
  10. Black=Right

    Hoodies ! It's winter time so something comfortable to wear would be great
  11. DIAURA did the same (acutally also with the same ugly cover collage) 2-3 years ago when they celebrated their anniversary. So I wouldn't be surprised if they just want to release it in that course.
  12. Black=Right

    Yes Yes Yes Please let it happen *____* My life would make be more meaningful seeing old men performing on stage dressed in bloody bandages <3
  13. Black=Right

    Visual Kei midlife crisis at its best
  14. Black=Right

    Can someone please point me where to buy the limtied edition at hmv? ^^" Somehow I cannot find it there and there is no proper link to it on their offical site...thanks!
  15. Black=Right

    Secretly hoping that is going to be a cover band ...
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