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  1. Fact check the fact-checkers.

    1. Enki


      I hate that word

  2. I have no problems with mainstream media being biased as long as they admit it. But when a news outlet or journalist claims to be objective while reporting a story in a certain narrative or a point of view, then I can't take them seriously.

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    2. CAT5


      Youtube, and pretty every other social media platform are in cahoots with a lot of these special interest groups too. I've seen Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook pretty much erase the existence of certain, popular content providers over the most bogus of claims this past year....people that were providing actual, quality content, but censored because their narratives didn't match the ones being pushed.

    3. platy


      be like me and don't read the news. problem solved

    4. zombieparadise


      @CAT5 Yes, absolutely. A lot of the 'truthers' I follow have been completely demonetized, gradually over the past three years, and ramping up this year to destroy opposition to the rona campaign. If what they're talking about is complete BS, why such an active campaign to destroy their reach? Certainly not because a corporation like YouTube cares about the public's best interests, I can guarantee you that.

  3. Flame-X

    Started playing Genshin Impact. It's not bad at all. Lot of improvements can be made with upcoming patches but so far I recommend it. I'd like to call it Breath of the Waifus.
  4. Social media platforms needs to come out and clarify whether they are a platform or a publisher. Whatever position or viewpoint a person holds, all voices deserves to be heard, not censored or silenced.

  5. Flame-X

    I love would to own Inoran's (Luna Sea) custom ESP guitars.
  6. Flame-X


    I haven't listened to D in a long time but mad respects to them for trying to spread hope and positivity in this song.
  7. Flame-X

    I enjoyed all the recent albums so far. The only downside for me is Ryuchi's vibrato. It got really cringy when listening to The LUV.
  8. Flame-X

    Good questions being asked here.
  9. Flame-X

    Weathering With You Saw this at a local theater that was only showing it for 2 days. Decided to watch it dub since it's the earliest time slot, also I didn't want my eyes focused on the bottom of the screen 70% of the time when the movie has gorgeous visuals to be watched. When it comes out on home video, then it'll be subs all the way. The dub overall isn't too bad. As for the movie itself, it's utterly beautiful. This may sound weird saying this but I've never seen water look so good animated. Unfortunately, it followed the exact same film structure as Your Name making things a bit predictable and it definitely was a lower tier in terms of story and characters. The climax was one of the biggest head scratches I had. I wish I could give out the details but that would be spoilers. I had criticisms throughout the movie but it's relatively minor. In the end, it was enjoyable and I'm sure most people who liked Your Name will find it entertaining. 7/10
  10. Flame-X

    So? As long as it's fun to play, then that's all it matters.
  11. Flame-X

    The new CoD Modern Warfare. It's the most refreshing CoD game I've played since the last time I played a CoD game was Black Ops 2. But my goodness this game is ridiculously huge. Over 140 gigs of install files.
  12. Flame-X

    New season has been going on for a couple weeks now. Due to continuing shows from last season and the lack of time, I've only picked up 3 shows to watch. Fate/Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front - Babylonia Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2 Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious Still watching... Fire Force Vinland Saga
  13. Flame-X

    "Look at the world we live in, defined by comment sections Surround yourself with people that challenge how you think Not people that nod their head and act like they agree Those people will cut you open just to watch you bleed Always be yourself, not the person that you pretend to be, no!" This guy spits truth bombs like in every verse. This is real stuff.
  14. Flame-X

    I started watching anime since the 90s during my preschool days. I can't recall the title but I know it was a mecha anime. I didn't realize it was called anime at the time. Watching DBZ on cartoon network was when I became aware of the medium. As for my top 5... Gungrave Gundam Build Fighters Waiting in the Summer Your Name The Vision of Escaflowne I'm mostly a sub watcher but there are some amazing dubs out there that outperforms the original such as Cowboy Bebop being the most obvious one.
  15. Flame-X

    This is my favorite cover. HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR - Rosier Another great one. abingdon boys school - Sweetest Coma Again
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